OWIT Global Announces Website Enhancements for Managing General Agents and Managing General Underwriters

WEST HARTFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OWIT Global, the leader in insurance-specific microservices solutions for the global insurance industry, released a new section of their website OWIT Global today to assist Managing General Agents and Underwriters (MGA/MGU) in understanding the most current options to meet their insurance technology processing needs.

The website provides well-formatted content that assists MGAs/MGUs to understand the options they now have to solve their technology needs. OWIT Global provides autonomous components that can be implemented in phases, disrupting the traditional model of implementing the complete processing solution all at once and at a high cost. MGAs/MGUs can start with submission management while rating outside the system, add document generation, rating, or both, continue with transactions to support policy administration and when needed, bordereaux management. The progression of technology can begin at any critical need, such as document generation or bordereaux management. If the MGA/MGU only requires a single portion of the solution to extend their existing technology investment, OWIT Global can also solve this need.

Wendy Aarons-Corman, CEO of OWIT Global, said, “OWIT Global is here to provide MGAs/MGUs modern, no-code, cloud-based architecture, which means that solutions are implemented at a significantly lower price point. We leverage ‘business sprints’ to get our customers into production quickly so that business opportunities are not lost. The MGA/MGU market needs a fresh approach that is in line with their incoming revenue. We align our solutions’ costs perfectly with getting into production in time to take advantage of market opportunities. And for those MGAs/MGUs who need to solve a single pain point like automating bordereaux management, we can solve a specific need.”

Aarons-Corman continued, “The OWIT Global team members have years of industry experience and can help the customer navigate through a project from requirements to production. Our team is senior insurance and technology specialists that were change agents in companies such as Duck Creek, Ebix, ISO, CNA, and AIG, to name a few. These years of experience help the customer think through their requirements beyond the tactical need and prepare them for growth. The combination of experience and a fresh approach to solving customer needs has been very rewarding.”

To learn more about OWIT Global’s MGA/MGU website section, CLICK HERE.


OWIT is a global insurance technology provider offering solutions built on a modern architecture designed to simplify innovation and integrate with existing customer environments to maximize their investments. The OWIT portfolio is comprised of discrete, value-add insurance-based microservices for Bordereaux, Rules, Rating, Portal Configuration, A&H, and Specialty Point of Sale and Document Generation with future capability to tailor a full suite of Policy Administration System (PAS) microservices. The company’s offerings can be deployed standalone or integrated with an insurer’s existing environment. OWIT’s architecture is also designed to support emerging technologies and functionality, such as block chain and IoT. For more information about OWIT Global, please visit www.OWITGlobal.com.


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