Potions by Allureskins Launches Its Newest Skincare Immersive Consumer Experience

Beauty startup, Potions by Allureskins, launches the newest skincare immersive consumer experience. The company combines the power of technology and skincare products to redefine the way people take care of their skin. Potions was conceptualized to bring effective and easy to implement skin care solutions to the busy and empowered through its latest offering.

Allureskins Potions believes that every individual should have an enjoyable skin care experience by understanding the data about their skin and having routines that suit their needs. This is why the company is envisioning to provide its clients with a personalized skincare experience from understanding how to layer its complementary products for maximum benefits to journaling their skincare progress over time.

“To achieve our vision of providing a personalized skincare experience, we are currently developing a skincare pocket beauty assistant app called ‘Belle Bella’ which translates to ‘Beautiful Bella’. The app will educate Allureskins Potions’ customers through data-driven findings, with the end goal of providing hassle-free customized routines for effective skincare easily accessible to everyone,” explains Latif Sim, co-founder of Allureskins Potions.

Through this innovative app, Belle Bella, users can analyze their skin, journal their progress on their skincare journey, get insights on the products most suitable to address their skin’s pain points, book consultations with a virtual skincare consultant and purchase the products all within the app. The analysis enables the team to understand and engage with customers better, providing them with an experience that is bespoke to them. Its AR technology will be available in retail spaces, providing shoppers with the information and data they need to understand their skin before purchasing our products.

Allureskins Potions’ overall goal is to support individuals in their skincare needs, especially those who find it challenging to squeeze in a spa day in their daily lives. With Allureskins Potions’ tried and tested efficacy and routines envisioned to mimic 70-80% of a facial session outcome in a fraction of the time, anyone can experience a spa effect at the comforts of their own home.

“Here at Allureskins Potions, we want to bring skincare knowledge at our customers’ fingertips. Many individuals go through a long and tedious journey of ‘trial and error’, and most often than not, it is a long and painful one. Allureskins Potions aim to provide consumers with knowledge about skincare, in particular, their own and how to ensure that their skincare journey is purposeful and enjoyable,” shares Sim.

Overall, Allureskins Potions is changing the way the beauty industry functions. Like many industries, transformation, particularly digital transformation, is much needed to ensure it remains relevant and continues to engage with its consumers at a more intimate level. By bringing together technology and beauty products, Allureskins Potions can elevate and transform the beauty and skincare industry.

About Allureskins Potions

Inspired by the team’s decades of experience in the beauty industry across Asia and Europe, Allureskins Potions combined ancient beauty formulas from Asian cultures together with new-age ingredients to create an extensive collection of luxurious skincare products. From luscious ingredients to specially curated formulas and products, the company continues to bring the very best in the world of skincare that is safe, effective and unique. So its customers can truly feel what it means to love, nurture and make their skin feel invigorated, rejuvenated and alive.

In 2020, Allureskins Potions has sold over 250,000 units of masks in 6 countries. The company expects to reach 1 million units in 2021. Currently, the brand is available in 6 countries with retail partners such as Watsons SG, SA SA Malaysia and Changi Recommends.

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