Professional Fitness and Health Entrepreneur Perry Lieber Featured in Ideamensch Interview

SANTA BARBARA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / Successful fitness and health entrepreneur Perry Lieber was recently featured in an interview with Ideamensch. The interview was focused on his career as an entrepreneur.

Perry Lieber is the founder of Foundwellness: The Workplace Workout, which works with companies to produce health and fitness programs for employees. He has over 10 years of personal training experience and 16 years of experience in business development processes for health and wellness businesses.

In the interview, Lieber explained that the idea for Foundwellness started with a client he had. He was doing one on one personal training with that client and the client ended up liking it so much that he asked if Lieber would be willing to provide training for his 30-person company. It was this experience that jump started Foundwellness in Lieber’s mind. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

When asked about his typical workday and what helps him be productive, he replied that for him, routine is everything. He wakes up at the same time each morning between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m., drinks a glass of water, has some coffee, and then meditates or reads. During the day, he has individual meetings with clients either in-person or via Zoom. Having these routines in place, both for his personal and professional life, helps him stay on track.

On the habits that make him more productive as an entrepreneur, Perry Lieber said that he reads roughly one book per week. He prefers to read self-help or entrepreneurial books, as these types of books help him widen his knowledge base and learn new habits or traits to embody.

He also shared one thing that nobody agrees with him on.

“You can’t outwork a bad diet. People don’t want to believe that. They want to eat what they want to eat,” said Perry Lieber.

“People think that if they had a really hard workout, something totally anaerobic that really put them on their butt, that they have the right to eat bad food or drink an extra glass of wine. Workouts don’t work that way.”

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About Perry Lieber
Perry Lieber is a professional fitness and health entrepreneur from Santa Barbara, California, who currently serves as the president of Foundwellness: The Workplace Workout. Lieber’s long and impressive career has included both personal training experience and business development in the health and wellness business niche. Ultimately, Lieber’s love of sports and fitness is what led him to make a career out of it. In addition to being the founder of Foundwellness, he is also a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the author of Workout and Grow Rich.

Perry Lieber

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