R2 Recycling: Striving For Excellence In The E-Waste Industry

LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2021 / When an individual or organization attempts to reach the highest echelon in whatever they do, it is commonly known as “achieving the gold standard.” It requires commitment, determination, diligence & dedication to your craft and does not come easily to anyone. Starting with its humble origins 20 years ago and going forth to present times, it’s something that R2 Recycling (which works with a nationwide network of partners that follow the R2 standard) has consistently strived to attain and will always make that a top priority in the years to come.

“From our prompt service to secure data destruction procedures, our goal is for complete customer satisfaction.” said an R2 Recycling spokesperson “We have every department of our company working in conjunction, humming along, making our whole process seamless from beginning to end, committed to making us the elite recycler in the nation.”.

Beginning as a local recycler in central New Jersey and eventually moving toward a period of expansion that stemmed from constructing & working with a network of R2 certified partners across the country, R2 Recycling has succeeded in navigating through these unprecedented times. While many in their field have stagnated in the past year, their model has allowed for continued strong business and additional growth. The spokesperson of R2 Recycling attributes this to its top tier service and a steady rate of customer recommendations.

R2 Recycling offers a multitude of services that cover all of the recycling needs of municipalities, schools & universities, & businesses. Their live load service is the ideal option for smaller to moderate collections, and they offer sturdy open & closed containers for higher volumes of e-waste. In addition, R2 Recycling also offers recycling events: ideal for communities & industrial parks, they provide the necessary equipment, transportation, storage and manpower to collect e-waste, haul it away, and leave the area looking neat & orderly when they are done.

If you are looking for top quality service in a concise window of time when it comes to e-waste recycling, count on the experts at R2 Recycling to handle the job. Beyond working with a nationwide network of recyclers which follow the R2 standard, they pride themselves on performing the best quality service in a timely manner, and that means always having personnel, vehicles & equipment ready to do the job. “An integral part of being at our best means that our tools, equipment & vehicles must be at their best as well.”, an R2 Recycling spokesperson stated. “Regular testing, cleaning & maintenance are not taken for granted here: keeping everything finely tuned allows us to provide the best service and to always be there when our customers need us.”.

Over the past 20 years, R2 Recycling has risen to the forefront of the electronic waste recycling business, helping to set industry standards and to become a model company in the industry. More information about R2 Recycling’s history, service options & areas served at their official webpage or by calling (866) 509-7267.


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