ReadyH2 Now Offering Hydrogen Tanks for Wider Use and Distribution

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ReadyH2 is pleased to announce via their partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI), an extended offering of United States Department of Transportation (DoT) approved hydrogen compressed gas tanks for wider use and distribution (United States and Canada). DMI was one of the first companies to receive such approval from the U.S. DoT.

ReadyH2 currently serves as the premier partner for all DMI’s customer and dealer hydrogen tank and fuel needs. This new expansion opens the door for new business opportunities and new companies in search of a premier partner for their own carbon-fiber, compressed hydrogen tank and fuel needs.

The U.S. DoT certified hydrogen tanks can be rented based on customer needs and are applicable for all compressed hydrogen gas applications.

DMI’s hydrogen tanks are manufactured of carbon-fiber composite and lined with a high-density polymer liner. The tanks hold up to 350 bars of working pressure and measure 225 mm (8.86 inches) x 435 mm (17.13 inches). They are DoT certified, lightweight, reliable, and safe.

Per the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, “Hydrogen storage is key to enabling technology for the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in applications including stationary power, portable power, and transportation.” The ReadyH2 and DMI hydrogen tank solution is uniquely equipped to be at the forefront of this momentous movement.

Brendon Mills, CEO of ReadyH2, states, “This expansion allows our team to better serve more customers in need of hydrogen compressed gas tanks and refueling services. Enabling the use of the tanks beyond just hydrogen fuel cell drones helps the adoption of hydrogen fuel technology applications across the U.S. Our team is ready to tackle the hydrogen fuel needs of these new hydrogen applications.”

The abundance of hydrogen use cases is astounding. Including but not limited to the following technologies:

– Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

– Robotics

– Vehicle & automotive transportation

– Transit bus & rail transportation

– Supply chain and logistics material handling

– Conversion of gas-powered engines to hydrogen-powered engines

– Stationary power & reliable backup power

Hydrogen fuel cell solutions provide large benefits over current solutions such as improved efficiency, lower operational costs, a zero-emissions performance, a safer/renewable energy, and robust reliability.

According to Doosoon Lee, CEO of Doosan Mobility Innovation, “This is the next step towards unlocking the door into hydrogen mobility industries. This service enables hydrogen fueled products, like our drone solution, to be widely used across the U.S.”

GeoCue, one of the first ReadyH2 customers since expansion, offers fast and easy software, hardware, training, support and consulting services for LIDAR mapping, including production and exploitation, and drone mapping, including data collection, processing and management. ReadyH2 successfully delivered charged and DoT-approved hydrogen fuel tanks from Dallas, TX to GeoCue headquarters in Huntsville, AL, to help GeoCue meet their hydrogen needs.

Lewis Graham, President and CTO of GeoCue stated, “Working with ReadyH2 was quick and very easy. I would definitely recommend their services to any company looking for a new hydrogen fuel provider and look forward to working with them again.”

This expansion is another step forward in the path of many to substantially replacing current power solutions with hydrogen – a cleaner, more flexible energy carrier.

To inquire more regarding hydrogen tank use cases or distribution opportunities, please visit ReadyH2 or reach out directly by calling (833)952-0903.

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ReadyH2 is a subsidiary of Fortress Solutions and Fortress UAV and supports a compressed hydrogen gas distribution network currently for Doosan Mobility Innovations customers and dealers.

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