Reputable Local Office Cleaner Discusses 10 Questions that Should be Asked Before Hiring Any Commercial Cleaning Company in Canberra

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2021 / Clean Group Canberra has some advice for businesses that are looking to hire a new commercial cleaning company. They state that ten critical questions should be asked to get a Canberra commercial cleaning hire right. If a commercial cleaning company can provide a satisfying answer for all ten questions, then they are one that can be trusted to keep their business clients happy well into the future. The company also recognizes that commercial cleaning and sanitization has never been more important to get done properly than during the ongoing pandemic.

Suji Siv, Clean Group’s founder, says, “We are a company that has worked hard to position ourselves among the top commercial cleaning businesses in the Canberra area. Our company places a special emphasis on not only doing quality cleaning work but also on providing exceptional customer service. We are a cleaning service that goes beyond that too because we can provide satisfying answers to 10 key questions that every business should ask before hiring a commercial cleaning service. That’s why we wanted to take time to directly address what every business owner or manager should ask a potential commercial cleaning hire.”

The company founder went on to say that these questions start with how much experience does a commercial cleaning outfit have at doing this job for a specific industry. It only makes sense that the more experience a company has at doing commercial cleaning for a particular type of business the better they will do at it. He pointed out that’s also the reason why all of their cleaning crews are led by experienced cleaning professionals with many years of specialization in this line of work. It’s also important to know what type of reputation that a commercial cleaning company has earned for the type of work that they have been doing. This will tell a company what they can reasonably expect in terms of service from the commercial cleaner that they hire. The company founder mentioned that inquiring as to the types of cleaning methods that a potential commercial cleaning hire uses and if they take the time to provide their crews with targeted training to enhance their performance is also important.

Siv continued by recommending that businesses ask a commercial cleaning company they are thinking about using to explain to them the level of sanitization that takes place when their crew is doing their work and if they use environmental-friendly cleaning chemicals. According to him, two often overlooked questions that are a must to ask is what insurances a commercial cleaning company has in place and what steps they take to ensure a building’s security when a company is performing their work. The company founder stated that the last two questions that are critical to getting a commercial cleaning hire right are what a company does that makes their cleaning services different from everyone else’s and if they stand behind their work with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

In addition to this commercial cleaning Canberra company checking all of the boxes when it comes to the above-mentioned ten questions, Clean Group also offers their commercial customers much flexibility. Siv says that they do this because they fully realize that commercial cleaning services need to be tailored to meet a business’s specific cleaning needs as opposed to being a one-size-fits-all service. One company may just want something as simple as bathroom cleaning and trash removal while another company may want the advanced sanitization that their COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield offers. He says that all of this can be discussed in the free consultations that they offer to businesses and a quote for the requested cleaning services will be provided once that discussion has concluded. Some of the types of businesses Clean Group has established a stellar reputation for getting cleaned properly include offices, gyms, schools, childcare centers, medical facilities, and government buildings.

The company founder mentioned that they are always happy to answer any questions about their services over the phone or by email. He says their website is also full of good information on the cleaning services that they do.

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