Resilient Healthcare at the Forefront of the Healthcare Industry with In-Home Care Model

PLANO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2021 / The movement for better healthcare is here, transformed by the COVID-19 crisis. The healthcare industry is finally embracing new technology and innovations to provide the best patient care possible. This movement has put the spotlight on in-home healthcare providers, such as Resilient Healthcare.

Every year, millions of Americans are confronted with a scary truth-navigating the complex healthcare system with a serious illness.

These Americans are high-acuity patients who are challenged with a range of illnesses, diseases, or conditions. They typically must obtain medical care several times a week. Further complicating matters, their lack of mobility may mean that they have difficulty driving themselves to their health care providers. This leads to putting off necessary care, creating a vicious cycle, and finding themselves back in the emergency departments and hospitals.

This is where Resilient Healthcare (Resilient) comes in.

Founded in 2018 and backed by Mezas Capital, Resilient brings holistic, interdisciplinary care to the patient’s home. Whether that means licensed medical professionals, medications, IV infusions, or cutting-edge telemedicine, the company offers a convenient and professional experience to the patient. Resilient adds new-school innovations to an old-school concept of house calls, providing high-quality care at home at a lesser cost.

Not surprisingly, Resilient’s delivery of such services has inspired loyalty among its growing legion of patients.

Take Dr. Raghav Gupta, MD, for example. Diagnosed with ALS, Dr. Gupta understood that he would need intensive medical intervention. As the illness progressed, it was difficult for him to make those appointments. The challenges and health risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t help.

“Resilient has filled a long-ignored void in the health care industry,” said Dr. Gupta. “Those patients with mobility issues, or who suffer from chronic disease and illness, have a difficult time getting access to quality medical professionals. Resilient changes that dynamic.

“This hit home for me when I was diagnosed with ALS, realizing that in order for me to fight, to keep myself mobile, I would require intensive physical therapy and all that modern medicine had to offer.”

Resilient, under the guidance and vision of Dr. Jackleen Jones, PT, DPT, has eased the anxiety of Dr. Gupta and countless others.

“Through Resilient, I have been able to receive excellent health care in the comfort and safety of my home. The therapists and nurse practitioners at Resilient are highly trained and in my experience caring and extremely attentive to their patients’ care,” he said. “My sincere hope is that Dr. Jackleen Jones can bring this desperately needed service to a wider population outside of the DFW Metroplex,” he added.

Resilient’s reputation was forged by Dr. Jones’ own personal experience.

Dr. Jones shared, “Dr. Gupta was diagnosed in 2016 and under my personal care since. He came on as our first Resilient patient in 2018 and has only been hospitalized 1 time in 4 years for a tracheostomy. It’s common sense really. We’re living in a world of accessibility. Patients should have access to healthcare.”

With what started as an idea, stemming from personal grief after losing her father, that the healthcare system can do ‘better than good enough’ for patients, she is proud of this movement for quality community-based care, to unburden families and patients. Quality of life is more than just a phrase to Resilient. It is a goal.

To learn more about Resilient Healthcare, visit their website.

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