SageTea Announces the Release of XFone – a Powerful Computer Packed in a Smartphone

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2021 / SageTea Software, a world leading developer of custom AI based programming and platforms is pleased to announce the release of the XFone – a powerful Ubuntu Linux 64 desktop / server platform packed into a bare metal rooted Class A re-certified smartphone. SageTea believes the XFone is the most programmer friendly mobile device available in the world today. The XFone is built and supported by their new SageTea Mobile division located in Gatineau, Quebec.

SageTea Mobile has a proprietary process for bare metal rooting Linux onto the CPU of a mobile phone. This is a transformative development that makes the mobile phone able to function at the level of a server tier platform. SageTea unlocks the true computing power of the mobile phone.

XFone takes the act of data input; management, collection, and manipulation as far out to the edge of live network connectivity as technically possible –then go two steps beyond. XFone runs full Linux PC tiered on-device applications natively, through Cloud, or in between. Whether tweaking your WordPress website pages from your kitchen table, or entering catch quota data while in the Labrador Sea, XFone was made for you. XFone is the world’s first hybrid cellular PC (and Server) for the network, at the edge, and all places in between. This is a phone for IT solutions. And, it fits in your pocket.

XFone had its genesis in a SageTea company data collection project for the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

XFone isn’t for your kids, unless they’re smart and into programming. This makes them pretty cool as far as we’re concerned because XFone is their dream phone. XFone is for those who know Linux. Speak Linux. Even dream in Linux. XFone is for Linux developers, enthusiasts, geeks, engineers, and citizen developers who absolutely must have a computing device that can run routine series of functions on par with their own technically rich requirements and functionality demands.

What was once done on a heavy duty, power hungry workstation can be done from an IOT ready mobile device: XFone. XFone comes pre-loaded with stapled Apache2, WordPress, MySQL, SSH and Tensorflow. XFone’s Apache2 technology works as a web server and allows a user to program on Linux. On XFone student users can also practice programming skills, including ubiquitous programming platforms like Python and the classic Object Oriented language Squeak Smalltalk.

XFone is not without personality though. SageTea has made XFone run Android software too. Even engineers need a game-break once in a while.

XFone is based on a recoded Google Pixel 3A or similar device. XFone is powered by Linux’s Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) and has a SIM card slot with SIM and phone number. You can control the XFone with a remote keyboard, mouse and display. For remote or low-power applications connected to a UPS, your XFone can function just like a regular laptop.

Through SageTea’s proprietary Linux root device conversion process, XFone maximizes the processing power of the native CPU. Bare metal Linux brings its industry leading encryption to mobile users who want the ultimate in privacy and security features. XFone gives users more autonomy and more control over their smartphone based work-life.

Meet XFone: the most programmable mobile phone device. Ever.

XFone can be found at the 2021 Computer Electronic Show at the SageTea Software booth. The unlocked XFone starts at $475 USD and plans range from $31 to $62 per month.

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