SaTT Integrates Binance’s Smart Chain and now listed on Pancake Swap

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / February, 23, 2021 / In a move to expand the SaTT ecosystem, provide a range of products options for the community and also tap into the efficient and quality value domicile in other blockchains, the team is proud to announce that SaTT will be integrating a bridge to port over to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

To celebrate this integration, they also decided to list the SaTT BEP20 on PancakeSwap including pairs BNB > SATT & BUSD > SATT and open a liquidity pool.

The advantages associated with the BSC network make this a prime mover and well-articulated decision by the team. As a result, SaTT will be deployed as a BEP20 token, a token standard on the Binance Smart Chain that extends and improves on Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard.

For a given wallet, both BEP20 and ERC20 bear the same receiving address, thereby strengthening its compatibility while existing on a separate chain.

From the SaTT Wallet, you can directly transfer your SaTT ERC20 to SaTT BEP20 (and vice versa) by using the bridge address : 0x655371c0622cacc22732e872a68034f38e04d6e5.

Here is the SaTT blog tutorial to explain in detail and provide step-by-step instructions:
How tu use the ERC20 – BEP20 bridge?

Why We Consider This Move Crucial

According to Binance, the Binance Smart Chain was envisioned as something of an extension to Binance Chain. With dual chain architecture, both chains are complementary – Binance Smart Chain caters to decentralized applications (dApps) without congesting the original chain, which is optimized for ultra-fast trading.

These features make it efficient and very much optimized for running dApps, and transacting at a lower fee. One of the crucial attributes that make blockchain-based advertising unique, is the reduced cost of advertising. So far the Ethereum blockchain hasn’t been able to live up to its name in this aspect as the transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain have soared to an all-time high of an average cost of $23.

The implication is that, while the cost of transacting value through the Ethereum network soars to a ridiculous amount, any transaction with lower fees will likely take hours to be processed, if at all it goes through. This further limits the capabilities of the SaTT platform as a fast and efficient blockchain-based ad network.

As it becomes uncertain how the proposed ETH 2.0 will handle gas fees, it is necessary for SaTT to take crucial steps in seeking a more optimized innovation elsewhere, in tandem with their ever-growing ecosystem.

The move to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will enable advertising transactions to cost somewhere between 5 cents to a maximum of 12 cents while completing each transaction in less than 5 seconds. This will unarguably strengthen the SaTT advertising Platform to uphold its name as the cost-efficient, ultra-fast advertising platform.

The interest that has rallied behind BSC in the past months has been breathtaking. According to a recent report, Binance Smart Chain recently overtook Ethereum in daily transaction amount, courtesy of its low fees, and fast transaction architecture. This further makes their current decision a well-calculated one, capable of firing up the SaTT ecosystem.

An Airdrop Will Be Initiated To SaTT holders

To enable SaTT ERC20 holders to port to the BEP20 token, the team will be initiating an airdrop in the coming days. All ERC20 SaTT holders will receive an amount of the BEP20 version of the SaTT token. The date of the airdrop snapshot will be announced soon, followed by further instructions. For now, SaTT holders don’t need to do anything but wait for further instructions.

Please note that the SaTT BEP-20 token version will exist to complement the ERC-20 version, giving users easy access from both chains. As a result, the team will be upgrading the SaTT advertising platform in order to support the newly proposed Binance Smart Chain.

They are also exploring the possibilities of getting the BEP20 version of SaTT listed on other BSC-based AMM DEXes like BakerySwap. The listing goal will be focused on getting listed on top, reputable exchanges to provide a safe trading environment for their ever-growing community.

This marks an essential phase in the SaTT ecosystem as they look to deliver an unmatched, highly desirable value to the entire advertising industry.

Name: Quentin Herbrecht

SOURCE: Markchain

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