Screenflair Discusses Its Phone Case Custom Design Software

SIOUX FALLS, SD / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2021 / With over 14 billion smartphones in circulation and an average price tag of $699-$1299, there is a growing demand for phone cases that help consumers stand out from the crowd, as well as protect one of their most precious possessions.

This year, Screenflair, an innovative smartphone case company, leads the charge, bringing to market a unique tool that enables shoppers on its site to visually create custom case designs right before their very eyes.

Creating a Truly One-of-a-Kind Custom Phone Case

Customization and individuality are at the core of Screenflair’s product lines, offering customers the opportunity to take one of their most prized possessions (their smartphone) and personalize it with a case that represents their individual style.

Known for their extensive line of high-quality custom phone cases, this year, Screenflair takes things to a whole new level, offering customers a blank canvas upon which they can digitally create their own phone case designs.

Creating Custom Phone Cases with Screenflair: How it Works

With a few clicks, users can create a phone case design that is as stunning as it is representative of their personality, interests, and individual flair. When creating their custom phone case, shoppers can choose from a broad range of stock designs and patterns, photos, graphics, and more, or upload their own.

The custom design software is remarkably intuitive to use, walking individuals through a simple 4-step process including:

  • Selection of phone make and model
  • Choosing between a glossy and matte finish
  • Desired layout
  • Images, graphics, and more (upload files or choose from Screenflair’s library)
  • Adding optional text

Clickit Custom Phone Grip, Stand, and Wireless Charger

Screenflair didn’t just stop at custom design software for phone cases. Building on the technology used for their innovative phone case designs, the company also launched a custom web app for users to design their own custom Clickit phone grip and stand as well as their own custom wireless charger.

Similar to the phone case design tool, this software takes a 3-step approach, walking users through choosing their desired layout, stock or custom designs (photos, graphics, etc.), and adding text, if so desired.

More than Pretty: A Phone Case That Protects as Well as it Looks

According to market research firm IDC, more than 100 million smartphones are damaged each year, with SquareTrade (a smartphone protection plan provider owned by Allstate) reporting 5,761 broken screens per hour in the USA alone. All of this adds up to costing consumers more than $3.4 billion yearly.

Since its inception, Screenflair has remained dedicated to providing its customers with stylish, customizable phone cases that offer individuality as well as superior protection.

About Screenflair

Headquartered out of Sioux Falls, SD, Screenflair is an online retailer of custom smartphone cases for both iPhone and Samsung makes and models, as well as screen protectors and holders for iPhones. The company offers a wide range of high-performance smartphone cases available in unique designs, as well as online design software for users to create their own individualized cases and holders.

Known for high-quality products, a customer-first-focus, and a robust eCommerce experience, the brand is a favorite in the smartphone case market.

Those interested in learning more about the brand or their products are encouraged to visit their official site.

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