Smart Home DIY Made Easier highlights new products making installation seamless

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HomeSecurity–COVID-19 pandemic has forced many consumers to spend time indoors, leading to an increase in home improvement projects. As a result, there are more do-it-yourself (DIY) smart home innovations on the market than ever before, and consumers are left with difficult choices regarding which products best suit their needs.

Though DIY-install home security products are typically cost-effective, they often present unanticipated obstacles during set-up and use. A new crop of 2021 products look to avoid such obstacles and provide ease-of-use.

New products are smarter, easier to install and often utilize cloud storage to provide adaptability and flexibility as needed. “DIY have traditionally been among the most popular in the home security space,” said Julie Ryan Evans, editor. “However, consumers fail to recognize the complexity of installation, and that’s when buyers don’t realize the potential of the product – or worse, the product doesn’t work properly.”

Many existing products require electrical work. Doorbells, cameras and sensors involve a hardwire hook that can frustrate buyers and complicate installation. “Electrical work is a major concern for homeowners, and most don’t feel comfortable slicing wires and making connections,” said Evans. “Newer products offer battery powered options that forgo the need for electrical work.”

To make products even easier to operate, Evans sees a trend of even greater integration with AI-operated voice assistants via Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Assistant. The long-awaited “connected home” is becoming a reality.

Here are highlights of the Report of advancing innovation in 2021:

  • Hex’s new home security system uses Artificial intelligence to detect intruders without cameras. It’s plug-and-play too, so no need for any kind of wiring.
  • Owl Wired is offering smart smoke detectors that monitor motion, sound, carbon monoxide levels and works with IFTTT, Alexa and Google Home.

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