Stanford Graduate and Data Scientist Sets His Sights on Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry with a Focus on Big Data

Deniz Kahramaner is Breaking the Mold and Redefining Residential Real Estate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2021 / When tech expert and entrepreneur Deniz Kahramaner decided to join the fast-paced and highly-competitive world of real estate, he had one critical differentiator in mind to separate himself from the competition – a passion and knowledge of leveraging big data to help maximize his clients’ wealth. The San Francisco-based real estate broker is the founder and CEO of Atlasa, an innovative data-driven brokerage that is setting a new standard in real estate with its strategic focus on using analytics to help build long-term wealth for buyers and sellers.

Deniz, a Stanford University graduate with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science, has brought years of high-profile experience in big data to his 2-year old company, previously serving as the Head of Data, Analytics, and Growth for Accompany, Inc., which was acquired by Cisco in 2018. Prior to that, Deniz was a Product Manager for LinkedIn Recruiter, the professional networking site’s flagship monetization product. His impressive career history also includes tech-related roles for Microsoft, SAP, Foundation Capital, and Kleiner Perkins. Collectively, his extensive experience in tech, big data, and analytics set the stage for the business model that would ultimately become Atlasa.

Atlasa has introduced an entirely new data-focused approach to the real estate market, providing an opportunity for everyday buyers and sellers to benefit from the same big data as billion-dollar real estate transactions. Those elite buyers and sellers are treated to an elevated level of service, including coveted real estate analytics that allows them to make highly-informed decisions, investment advisors who help strategically determine the ideal timing for buying or selling, and coveted access to data-driven marketing teams that help sell their homes for top dollar.

“As a seasoned real estate broker, the big question I’ve always had is why this critical intelligence and heightened level of service isn’t available to the everyday home buyer or seller,” said Deniz. “There’s no solid reason why it’s not offered, so it became my quest to introduce a real estate model that would make this the new standard for traditional buyers and sellers – providing a proven, effective way for them to build wealth alongside the elite.”

To achieve this mission, Deniz and his Atlasa team collect proprietary data for each sale, including permit records, information about homeowners, private debt data, research, and market intelligence that is accessible exclusively to them – making Atlasa the only real estate brokerage in the Bay Area and Los Angeles to offer big data to its clientele. In addition, the brokerage has access to cutting-edge marketing technology and proprietary algorithms that allow them to narrow down, micro-target, and retarget the exact demographic that would be interested in a seller’s house, increasing foot traffic of relevant buyers. Some aspects of the vast and highly-sought dataset, which allows them to offer accurate predictions and helpful insights to clients, have been covered in such publications as The Atlantic, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

The innovative, data-driven focus of Atlasa also aims to change the landscape of realtor commissions – the driving force behind realtors encouraging quick home closings without thorough examination of issues discovered. Atlasa takes a vastly different approach, with brokers who are not salespeople trying to make a commission. Instead, their team consists of civil engineers, analysts, investment advisors, and fierce negotiators with a steadfast belief that data-driven insights are the key to ensuring buyers are making the best decision. They take the time to analyze hundreds of data points that could be detrimental to the buyers’ long-term wealth as a result of the investment, such as the reputation of the developer, soil quality, safety risks, profile of neighbors, and insights collected from inspection specialists who look closely at areas of concern.

Through Atlasa, Deniz has built the ideal company for his specialized skillset – a business focused on technology, big data, and analytics that optimize the real estate process for everyday buyers and sellers. His passion in this area is revolutionizing the real estate industry, making it more focused on wealth-building through sound decision-making and less focused on realtor sales commission.

“I’m beyond proud of the business I’ve built, which is proving with each transaction that big data and analytics are the most effective way of ensuring a client who is buying or selling is doing so at the ideal time or place,” said Deniz. “What started out as a personal passion and area of intrigue for me is now a game-changer for the real estate market, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Atlasa clients.”

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