Sunshine Solar Sales Group: A Thriving Solar Company Poised to Serve Homes All Over the Country

CLEARWATER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2021 / Sunshine Solar Sales Group is unlike any other solar company operating in the country today as it goes out of its way to serve its customers excellently. From keeping their solar installation experience stress-free, cost-friendly, and worthwhile, the SSSG management is realizing more and more that running a solar business entails going above and beyond for clients. Determined to make solar systems an investment-worthy shift for many clients around the country, SSSG is in a constant state of innovation as it gets ready to expand its reach to other key cities and states.

Known for its client-friendly transactions, SSSG is fast becoming a favorite among solar system customers. Company owner Daniel Bozurich has effectively established an impressive work culture that prioritizes the needs of clients. “We learned that if a homeowner wants to go solar, we need to handle everything A-Z in-house, from permits to engineering and installation. Giving homeowners the peace of mind that we are there for them every step of the way, even after the sale,” Dan reveals. “We will continue to grow based on this model and are aiming to be opening up new offices in over 16 states by 2022. The growth will never stop. We want to be there for homeowners all over the country,” he confidently adds.

To guarantee that his company is well-equipped to handle a widespread expansion in the next couple of years, Dan strategically partnered with some of the industry’s top-rated finance companies, panel manufacturers, and inverter and racking companies that enable him to provide households with excellent solar systems. Dan also makes sure to work with companies that offer reasonably priced products that will allow him to offer cost-efficient systems to his clients. Additionally, partnering with Mosaic and Aptos Technology has proven to be very advantageous for SSSG as the collaboration boosted them enough to become one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the country today. SSSG has achieved its current level of success with the help of Marcus Stewart, the president of the company. Marcus has helped maintain the integrity and honesty this industry needs.

Since it opened in 2019, SSSG has reached a staggering level of growth. What initially started as a sales organization that sub-contracted installation services blossomed into a full-blown installation company. Dan saw that subcontracting key services meant he had no control over the length of time involved in completing the installation process. He was convinced that the only way to level up his services and keep client satisfaction high was to install solar systems themselves.

One of Dan’s motivations behind creating SSSG, aside from improving the quality of life of people in the community and protecting the environment, is to provide jobs. More than making a massive profit, Dan is all about helping people create better lives for their respective families. As he envisions SSSG growing significantly in the coming years, he also hopes to see meaningful growth in the lives of the people he works with.

“The SSSG was built for the people, to give jobs to my community where you can make a living and help homeowners truly benefit from solar,” Dan explains. “We are always looking to employ because we do everything the right way. We take care of employees. They’re like family,” he concludes.

Looking into the future, Daniel Bozurich looks forward to expanding into other major markets to make a positive difference in every American home. Expanding on the West Coast as well as in other poverty-stricken countries is something he aspires to achieve to help underprivileged families experience green technology.

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