TENSET Develops Second Generation ETF to Link Crypto Space with Traditional Stock Market

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2021 / The $90 trillion asset management industry continues to grow every year but hasn’t changed in a long time. It’s inaccessible for many and transaction fees suck the returns out of investor pockets.

For instance, unless you already have a significant amount of financial resources, it can be nearly impossible – and in many cases illegal – for citizens of some countries to invest in certain assets in other countries.

It’s an unfortunate matter of fact that, for many people, accessing capital markets to secure a better financial future has been an impossible dream for 99% of the population.

That’s because asset management has been designed and built for wealthy individuals, not for everyone. Partly because the technology that makes investing affordable and accessible for everyone didn’t exist before.

Tenset brings the solution for mentioned above issues by introducing an affordable and accessible platform for every eligible user in the world. Their answer is very much in sync with our vision and mission, where all individuals have equal access to the world’s top investment products from as little as just $1.

A group of Poles has developed a second-generation ETF concept that can be a game-changer for the cryptocurrency space and not only. Their deflation token combines the advantages of a conventional stock exchange and the cryptocurrency market. To many, this may sound a bit like a forbidden romance scenario, but nothing could be more wrong.

Tenset is about to drop a bomb onto a crypto space by introducing the bridge between the traditional stock market and the digital one. The aim is to bring conventional investors to the crypto market and, by doing so, create a higher transactional volume for the Tenset investors to benefit significantly more.

Their product is being promoted as an “aggressively deflationary token” containing ETF 2.0 elements and, at the same time, a bold concept of the company’s operation on a similar basis to the hedge fund. It looks like an exciting hybrid that may be an attractive solution for a modern investor even in a bear market when the market capitalization may lose several dozen percent of its value in just a few months.

Implemented reflect finance protocol, automatically redistributes rewards between 10set hodlers without a need of locking up your funds on the service provider platform. Locking up type of staking is highly dangerous and is the same as giving one’s private keys up, which can be stolen at any time. Tenset smart-contract has proven to be working and has been tested by almost 2000 transactions already.

10set is a deflation token with an inbuilt absorption mechanism that provides an ever-increasing reserve price while removing tokens from the circulating supply. Consequently, the ever-increasing reserve price will always support the value of the tokens. 1% of each transaction or transfer will be redistributed to existing holders, and another 1% will be burned.

The protocol automatically redistributes rewards to the investor wallets without paying gas fees to collect them.

Poles have developed a solution that would allow for a higher and stable return on investment. The team aims to achieve this by investing in only one financial asset. 10set token will represent all items purchased in the cart. The selected cryptocurrencies are also supposed to generate passive income.

The team will use generated profit to buy a 10set token from exchanges to be burned. As a consequence, this action will lead to a permanent and continuous reduction in the number of tokens in circulation, causing at the same time the deflation effect and an increase in demand.

Let’s not forget that VISA declared its active participation in other growing crypto space only a couple of days ago, quatting after its website, ‘Visa is the network of choice for digital currency wallets.

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