tFRWD launches COVID-19 PCR self-test to do at home (saliva based)

In partnership with local distributor DIVISIONCARE, tFRWD is ready to supply large numbers of the test-kits to the Portuguese.

The test is done through RT.PCR and the kit is CE certified and approved by WHO with a sensitivity / specificity of 99%. This is the first COVID-19 self-test solution to perform at home, completely painless, and without needing a health professional to collect the sample.

Testers follow a series of intuitive steps guided by the test-kit and app:
After a digital registration and personal identification process via the application’s QR code, individuals film themselves performing the mouthwash with a saline solution provided in the kit, for 1 minute. Identification is done using a sophisticated algorithm that documents who is using the test. Sample collection is requested through the app, which integrates the company’s partner carrier. After collection, the sample is sent to the laboratory for PCR testing, and as soon as it arrives at the laboratory the result is made available within 24 hours by the App. Watch ‘How to test with COVID-19 self-test kit’.

DIVISIONCARE has been in the health sector for 10 years, namely linked to the distribution of hospital products such as disposables and disinfection solutions. The company intends to implement the tFRWD concept in Portugal to reopen football stadiums to the public in 100% safe conditions.

The COVID saliva kit is already used in Austria and is available in pharmacies and is also used by the Austrian government to regularly test children in schools. The kit is being launched in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Contato Imprensa: Alexa Gansera
Contato DIVISIONCARE: Paulo Barros

Source: RealWire

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