The Brooklyn Publishing Group Reimagines the Role of Publishing Companies in Providing Diverse and Creative Solutions to Modern Living

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 2021 / The Brooklyn Publishing Group redefines the idea of a publishing company. Its expanded role and scope have resulted in steady exponential growth through the years. The publishing company is currently focusing on licensing and distribution for its board games, video streaming service, and newspaper – a rare listing of services for any publishing group.

The publishing company is the brainchild of Sharee Jones. Better known by her pen name Che LaRhue, Che is a published author, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, and master coach. She brings her experience in banking, retail, manufacturing, and leadership to The Brooklyn Publishing Group.

In addition to standard industry publishing and broadcasting content on the internet, The Brooklyn Publishing Group provides diverse services. These unconventional offerings stem from Che LaRhue’s desire to help people navigate through difficult times. After experiencing these challenges herself, Che LaRhue wants The Brooklyn Publishing Group to be a force for positive change. The brand is a testament to how people can create opportunities out of the obstacles they face.

The Brooklyn Publishing Group has created four different games labeled as “Bored Games.” These games make the perfect opportunity for users to come together, enjoy each other’s time in laughter, create new relationships, and build a community. Bored Games uses popular challenges and the power of the internet to introduce new experiences of having fun.

“It feels great knowing people are interacting and enjoying themselves from something I’ve created, and I can’t wait for the whole world to experience ‘The Greatest Bored Games On Earth,'” says company founder and game creator Che LaRhue. The Brooklyn Publishing Group’s Bored Games are an innovative contribution to solving the unprecedented levels of boredom and listlessness plaguing modern society.

The games are especially beneficial for people stuck indoors while in quarantine. With the Bored Games, they will have something to do with friends and family, whether in person or through Zoom. The Bored Games also provide relief from the effects of the pandemic in another way: The Brooklyn Publishing Group donates 5% of all net proceeds from the purchase of games to Direct Relief to help combat COVID-19. The fund helps support local communities that have been impacted the most.

Dazzling.TV is another one of The Brooklyn Publishing Group’s primary services. The video streaming service focuses on the shopping network. Through Dazzling.TV, the publishing company can provide subscribers with relevant content and gift cards available in select retail locations. In addition, the publishing company runs an online radio station. This radio station is beneficial for the growing number of podcasters, many of whom are new to the industry. The Brooklyn Publishing Group’s services will help these people monetize their podcasts and earn a living while sharing their passion with the world.

The Brooklyn Publishing Group continues to lead the industry in providing various services that cater to a niche market. More than ever, the company delivers on its mission to help people overcome fears, recognize their strengths, and become more productive by eliminating negative thoughts and manifesting their dreams.

For more information, you may visit the Bored Games website.

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