The FMC-Film Music Contest 2021 Reveals Competition Music Categories

UK, Feb 17, 2021 – (JCN Newswire) – New edition of the FMC-Film Music Contest 2021 has prepared the largest and the most exclusive offer of competition categories so far. In addition to the already traditional popular music categories, it will also open brand new and there will be 7 of them together.

FMC 2021 Contest Categories Revealed

1. Music for Film, TV, Ads, Video games
2. Instrumental Music
3. Film Score for the Animated Sci-Fi film “To the Pathfinders of the universe” This film is a sequel to the successful film scoring category, where composers and sound designers will be able to compose an original composition for this visionary work.
4. Theatre Music
5. Trailer. Music for professional travel documentary film about Iceland will be a new category. The task will be the same for everyone. To compose music for the travel documentary “The Way of Inspiration Iceland” in length 3:47. Competitors will find more info about this category on the FMC website.
6. Music for Video game HIND. FMC in cooperation with 3DIVISION video game development company brings a new category: “Music for Videogame”. It was literally requested by a large community of composers and sound designers who are dedicated to this musical genre. We give them a unique opportunity to join our competition and to compose music for the interesting video game “Air Missions: HIND”.
7. Films, TV series, Videos with original music. This category is for film and video makers as well as composers who have composed music for any visual work. It is possible to submit movies and videos of all genres without restrictions on the date of their creation, as well as experimental, animated, documentary, children’s films, SCI-FI and genre hybrids in a total length up to 10.00 min.

Detailed information about all competition categories can be found on the official competition website here:, where you will be able to register after the global start of the new edition and opening an online registration on 28.3.2021.

About FMC-Film Music Contest

FMC-Film Music Contest is a unique international contest and music awards for composers of original music for Film, TV, Ads, Videogames, for sound designers, bands, musicians, producers, soloists in instrumental, theatre, electronic music, with no age limits and irrespective of nationality or country of origin. FMC rewards films, TV series, or videos with original music in a separate category which is designed for independent film producers, production companies, video creators, composers, or directors. FMC is regularly represented at the most famous film, TV and music international events, festivals and markets such as: Cannes Film Festival, March’ du Film, Berlinale, NATPE, Musikmesse, etc. For more information, please visit:

About the Main Organizer, The GONG Art Company

The GONG Art Company as the main organizer has been working on cultural activities for nearly 30 years. Its portfolio includes organising many different cultural events. It has been cooperating with different Radios and TV stations in Europe. GONG has produced more than 500 tv episodes and music video clips. It has also produced just as many compositions in its own studio, the most successful of them being released on CD and receiving numerous gold and platinum awards.

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