PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yesterday, José Manuel Barroso published a column calling on the governments of developed countries to support the vaccine solidarity led by COVAX, the UN mechanism intended to ensure the equitable sharing of anti-COVID vaccines. The new chairman of the Board of Directors of Gavi (an international organization guaranteeing the populations of poor countries better access to new vaccines) in charge of the members of the G7, who are due to meet today under the leadership of Boris Johnson about the vaccine issue.

“The G7 has the opportunity to demonstrate its global leadership in the COVID-19 pandemic by making the success of the international COVAX vaccine access facility its top priority,” said the former president of the European Commission.

In the context of the global pandemic due to Covid-19, the discovery of a vaccine appeared as a beacon of hope to stem the health crisis as much as the economic one we are facing. We still need to achieve the goal of vaccinating the entire world population within a reasonable timeframe – a goal that cannot be achieved without the joint assistance of the leaders of this world.

“The potential impact of vaccines depends entirely on ensuring timely, fair and equitable access to people in all countries. Thus, more than ever, we need global solidarity to support […] COVAX,” added José Manuel Barroso.

Green Finance, the benchmark media that centralizes best methodologies and best practices in green finance, can only subscribe to the words of the former Prime Minister of Portugal. In the turmoil of the crisis due to Covid-19, a clear position price emerges as the voice of reason. Despite the pressure they are facing, the governments of developed countries must abandon vaccine nationalism and rise above the occasion for the resolution of this unprecedented crisis at the global level.

“Ensuring that people in all countries have rapid and equitable access to vaccines is not only morally just, but is also the fastest way to end this crisis and put our economies on the road to recovery.” said José Manuel Barroso

José Manuel Barroso calls for global vaccine solidarity based on both generosity and scientific reason. A logical approach which, we hope, will be shared jointly by the member countries of the G7!


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