Tochigi Ontario Holdings: Canadian Investors Show Confidence in Investment Funds

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / Recently, Tochigi Ontario Holdings has released a research on ‘Canadian Investors Show Confidence in Investment Funds’. The finance executives at Tochigi Ontario Holdings said that Canadian investors have stayed the course and are continuing to grow their wealth through investment funds.

“Over the last year, we have found our clients continued to show confidence in our investment funds with many of them on target to achieve their financial goals,” said Michael Walker, Director of Corporate Equities at Tochigi Ontario Holdings. “Although it is advantageous to take a proactive approach and do your own research on investment funds, speaking with one of our experienced wealth managers can help protect the money you have worked hard to accumulate. This can also help ensure you have enough income to last throughout your retirement or leave a legacy for your future generations.”

At the end of last year, net sales of mutual funds reached $31 billion, the highest annual sales in the past three years. Net sales of ETFs hit $41.5 billion, the highest ever recorded.

The year has been marked by significant declines and gains in assets attributed to the unpredictable markets. In February and March of 2020, mutual fund assets produced a loss of $211 billion but then fully rebounded by August. $338 billion was recovered by the end of last year.

In February and March 2020, ETF assets declined by $21 billion with $67 billion recovered by the end of the year. Mutual fund assets jumped 9% to $1.78 trillion, and ETF assets rose 25% to a total of $257 billion by the year-end.

“Even in this uncertain climate, we have found that investors have continued to have high levels of trust in our team and the service we offer. One of the primary reasons for continued investor confidence is the role of our experienced wealth managers,” said Jonathan Turner, Head of Corporate Trading at Tochigi Ontario Holdings.

In a year that witnessed strong market volatility, investors managed to finish the year on a high note with historically high asset levels supported by strong markets.

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