TPP Capital Holdings Launches New Fellowship Program to Tackle Some of Society’s Biggest Social, Environmental and Economic Challenges

Program to train the next generation of domestic and international place-based social impact investing change agents

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TPP Capital Holdings (TPP), a Philadelphia based Black-led social impact private equity fund manager and healthcare real estate development firm, announced they have chosen 21 fellows for their newly launched Place-Based Social Impact Investing Fellowship.

“For TPP founders Clinton Bush, Alexis Miles, and Doris Harris this is our legacy program, and we choose to help train the next generation of domestic and international place-based social impact investing change agents. In this way, we leave our best behind – wisdom – so that black and brown communities can prosper at scale now. We are now seeking corporate, foundation and social impact investor support to increase the pipeline of underrepresented fellow candidates, conduct place-based social impact investing training for corporate ESG leaders and provide stipends and leadership development for the current and future alumni of the program,” said Anthony Miles, co-founder of TPP.

TPP Capital’s Place-Based Social Impact Investing Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to exceptional MBA and University students, as well as mid-career professionals with a demonstrated interest in place-based social impact investing and Private Equity/Venture Capital.

Working remotely due to Covid-19 precautions, TPP fellows will be immersed in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of impact investing while gaining deep insight and experience in how TPP Capital uses residential and commercial real estate as a platform to drive innovative and scalable community-based approaches that build Black and brown owned businesses, create in-demand jobs, and increase access to basic services such as primary + specialty healthcare, culinary medicine, healthy focused foods, affordable housing, broadband, and early childhood and adult education for communities of color.

In addition, Fellows are required to engage in professional learning opportunities that include hands-on, applied projects with accredited investors, industry, government, strategic partners, black and brown start-ups, area stakeholders and registered community organizations in federal qualified opportunity zones, food, health, and wellness deserts.

Fellowships are divided into these areas: Finance/Private Equity/VC, ESG/Private Equity/Healthcare, Healthcare/Health/Wellness and Affordable Housing.

“We received an outstanding set of MBA applicants across the country from schools such as Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, University of Florida, University of Miami, UC Berkeley and companies like Goldman Sachs,” said Clinton Bush, co-founder at TPP. “We did virtual interviews and selected strong candidates to mentor.”

The following are members of the new 2021 Q1 cohort:

Eileen Ung (Hometown: Long Beach, CA), MBA Candidate, Class of 2021, University of California Berkley, Terrance Range (Hometown: Plant City, Florida), PhD Candidate, Class of 2021, Organizational Behavior, Michigan State University, Simran Safer, WELL AP (Hometown: London, England), MS, Health Communications, Tufts University, Aprell L. King (Hometown: Benicia, CA), Master of Urban Planning, University of Southern California, Adwoa A. Asare (Hometown: Durham, NC), MBA, Brandeis University, Weiyang (Wayne) Shen (Hometown: Shenzhen, China), MS, Global Finance, Fordham University, Joe Moreno (Hometown: Seattle, WA), BS, University of Washington, Jillian May Gerstley (New York, NY), MS, Global Affairs, New York University, Kathy Kim (Hometown: Seoul, Korea), B.S., Applied Economics & Management, Cornell University, Crystal Gallien (Hometown: Brooklyn, NY), M.S. Candidate, Class of 2022, Real Estate Finance, New York University, Juan Carlos Apitz Ardizzone (Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela), Masters Candidate, Class of 2022, Public Policy, University of Chicago, Dominic Polidoro (Hometown: Lancaster, PA), B.S. 2021, Business Administration (Major Finance), St, Joseph’s University, Kristin Christakis (Hometown: Atlanta, GA), MS, George Mason University, Ibrahim Rashid (Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan), Masters Candidate, Class of 2022, Public Policy, University of Chicago, Zachary Schaeffer (Millburn, NJ), Masters International Business, University of Florida, Megahan E. Peterson (Hometown: Boston, MA), B.A, International Affairs, George Washington University, Rachel Patel (Hometown: Windham, NH), B.S. 2022, Public Health, Rutgers University, Christian Guerrero (Hometown: Pasig City, Philippines), B.A. Social Welfare, University of California Berkley, Trevor William Smith (Hometown: Philadelphia, PA), Masters of Community Planning, University of Cincinnati and Kim Julian Atienza (Hometown: Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines), B.S. Real Estate & Development, University of California San Diego.

“This fellowship is an opportunity to be on the frontline of building healthy spaces which will lead to better lives. I am looking to learn from TPP executives and other fellows with diverse backgrounds who share my passion for social impact through human-health centric design,” said Jersey City based Simran Safer, WELL AP.

“This is a promising career transition for me. I’m excited about the opportunity and challenge to rise to the occasion and co-lead the Finance/Private Equity/VC team,” said Terrance Range from Plant City, Florida. “I’m looking forward to learning from TPP’s African American leaders who offer equitable and scalable approaches to build businesses and create jobs.”

“This is an opportunity to shape a community and Black vision. The recent economic boom left out many people of color; this fellowship will benefit Black people who seek financial independence. I look forward to learning insights from TPP’s grassroots leaders on how to spur change,” said Trevor Smith from Philadelphia.

Each Fellowship commitment is 20 hours per week from February 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021. These are unpaid fellowships. TPP’s Q2 cohort will start on June 1, 2021. Applications will be due on April 1, 2021.

About TPP Capital

TPP Capital Holdings (TPP) is a Philadelphia-based, Black-led social impact private equity fund manager and healthcare real estate development firm on a mission to change the face of Black health by investing in and transforming as many as five urban blighted and underserved black neighborhoods into integrated and scalable compact, dense and community health, and wellness-centric focused districts over the next 10 years.

TPP’s principals Anthony B. Miles and Clinton Bush are co-architects of the Tioga District Preventative Health Hub™ a 168,000-sf state-of-the-art replicable hub and National Model for Healthcare, Health and Wellness with Social Impact and Measurement within Black and Brown urban neighborhoods in federal qualified opportunity zones throughout the country. TPP makes investments of $100MM to $300MM in each neighborhood.


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