Traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga Provider Ryan Rich Launches Root Healing

Ryan Rich, a practitioner of tantra, and engaged Buddhism whose life was transformed by Iboga and Bwiti has just announced the formal launch of Root Healing. This new company will offer Iboga Retreat ceremonies and Iboga Assisted Detox by following the traditional Missoko Bwiti protocols laid out by 10th Generation Shaman Moughenda.

CENTRO, PORTUGAL / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2021 / Trained and empowered Iboga provider Ryan Rich is pleased to announce the launch of his new Iboga healing company Root Healing. This new company will offer Iboga Retreats in Thailand, Mexico, and Portugal. Root Healing will conduct all its Iboga Retreat ceremonies in accordance with the traditional Missoko Bwiti protocols that were outlined by Moughenda, a 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman from the western African country Gabon.

The term Iboga refers to the second layer of root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga tree found throughout western Africa. This root bark layer has a very high level of active alkaloids and is the godfather of all plant medicines. Iboga is the only plant medicine capable of delivering physical healing, spiritual healing and spiritual discovery. With both masculine and feminine energy, it can be flexible and adaptive according to the needs of the person. In short, Iboga is the most powerful healing tool found in the natural world.

Missoko Bwiti is an ancient spiritual tradition that started thousands of years ago in Africa with the Babongo people of Gabon. They were the ones who discovered Iboga, and every aspect of the Missoko tradition is actually given to them by the Iboga spirit. After protecting it and keeping the Iboga sacrament a secret amongst themselves for many years, the Babongo people started sharing it with others and now it is one of the main spiritual traditions of Gabon.

An Iboga Provider is someone that has been trained in Iboga healing by a Bwiti Shaman. Root Healing founder Ryan Rich completed his provider training and continues to train with the 10th generation Bwiti Shaman Moughenda. His work with Iboga includes traditional Bwiti Iboga ceremonies, individual psychospiritual journeys, Iboga preparation and Iboga integration counseling. Ryan is also a meditation teacher, counselor, and mentor.

In addition to traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies, Root Healing will also offer

  • Psychospiritual Iboga Sessions: Guided journeys where Root Healing works with its clients to heal their past and find their truth.
  • Iboga Assisted Detox Programs: Designed to help individuals detox from drugs without the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Preparation or Integration Counseling: The company works with its clients to get the most out of the Iboga experience no matter where they are going for their journey.

The Iboga Retreats offered by Root Healing will have a duration of seven nights. All retreats include airport transfer, two Iboga ceremonies, integration day trips, medical screening, orientation, spiritual showers, counseling, healthy food, accommodations, yoga, meditation, breathwork, massage, herbal steam sauna, and five integration calls.

Unlike many other similar businesses, safety is the top priority for Root Healing. They have a doctor and nurses on staff to help with evaluations, EKG‘s and monitoring throughout the ceremonies and processing days. Their Iboga Assisted Detox (IAD) program has the strictest safety measures in the industry with a full-time doctor and nursing staff always available to monitor with intensive care.

“When it comes to healing with Iboga, we believe in a long term strategy. Our retreats are 7 days long, but the work extends outwards before and after the retreat. We will coach you along in your preparation for the retreat and offer an extensive 6-month integration process post-retreat. The reason our retreats are 7 days, is because we believe it is optimal for healing to include 2 ceremonies, 2 processing days, and 2 integration days,” Ryan said.

About Root Healing:

Root Healing offers Iboga Retreats in Chiang Mai Thailand, Yucutan in Mexico, and Centro Portugal. All Iboga Retreat ceremonies are done following the traditional Missoko Bwiti protocols laid out by 10th Generation Shaman Moughenda. The company’s founder and main provider Ryan Rich has trained with and was empowered as an Iboga Provider by Moughenda in Gabon. To find out more about Root Healing, please visit

Root Healing
Contact: Ryan Rich
Phone: +1 (475) 231-0047

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