Transatlantic Capital Jumps Into The Billion Dollar Gaming Market By Purchasing SUREBET In Kenya

PORTLAND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / Transatlantic Capital, Inc. (OTC PINK:TACI) is excited to announce their plans on strengthening the scalability of sports betting throughout Africa. As mentioned in their previous February 3rd, 2021 release, TACI recently became the first U.S. company to “acquire a gaming platform” (SUREBET) in East Africa, specifically Kenya. As a result, TACI shareholders will now play a pivotal role in Kenya’s economic growth as they consider SUREBET to be the optimal platform to springboard Kenyan sports betting to new peaks. TACI’s leadership is optimistic towards their involvement in Kenyan sports betting, and believe that it will result in a domino effect, luring them into other African markets.

TACI’s research data indicates that Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa have made the largest recent contributions in African Sports Betting, as they have combined for over 40 Billion USD in bets since 2018. As a U.S. company tasked to set new industry trends, TACI leadership acknowledges that their involvement can help accelerate economic growth in Africa. Julius Jenge, TACI’s Chief Executive Officer, believes that their decision to get involved in African Sports Betting will benefit the continent’s overall economy above all else. He released this statement:

“When we discovered how sports betting in Africa was on the rise, it became our mission to be among the pioneering companies that can contribute towards their economic growth as a result of it. With all the advancements we have had in technology over the years, many North American professional sports leagues have become globalized, especially in Europe and Africa. Our early involvement will give the Kenyan people a user-friendly tool that they can trust when placing and managing their sports bets. Our success will allow us to introduce ideal sports betting practices to other African Countries, resulting in a more stable and stronger economy throughout the continent. These are really exciting times for TACI leaders and shareholders.”

TACI shareholders are excited to see how leadership’s recent decision to get involved in African sports betting will impact the valuation of each share.

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