UKCloud appoints Suhail Al Ansari, Co-Founder of Gawah Holdings Inc, to the position of Board Advisor for the Middle East & Africa

UKCloud has today announced the appointment of Suhail Al Ansari to advise its Board and Management Team on the adoption of Sovereign Cloud across the Middle East and Africa.

London – 9th January 2021 – UKCloud, the sovereign, multi-cloud experts dedicated to making transformation happen across UK public sector, has today announced that it has appointed Suhail Al Ansari to the position of Board Advisor.

Mr Al Ansari is the co-founder and Deputy Vice Chairman of Gawah Holdings Inc., an investment holding company that carries interests in five operating companies primarily in the UAE, an investor in ventures across multiple verticals ranging from tech, digital assets, exchanges to healthcare, along with a number of Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances across the globe. He is a partner and general partner in multiple funds and companies, in addition to also advising numerous multinational healthcare companies and medical institutions spanning from North America to Asia. Previously, Mr Al Ansari was the head of a large healthcare business in one of the largest sovereign investment companies in the world, responsible for a $5b portfolio. He has held numerous positions on the boards of regional and international companies across various sectors including healthcare, logistics and hospitality.

The global pandemic has shown the need for collaboration across industries and a growing dependence between nations as they seek to share data for scientific research and global security. Additionally, the volume of data generated by an “always-available” economy is growing exponentially, and the value of that data is increasingly being understood by commerce and governments as a key driver for economic growth.

With this exponential growth and recognition of data’s strategic value, the proper management of data is becoming essential to ensure that this new asset class is managed appropriately and responsibly exploited for the benefit of each sovereign nation. Many Nations have realised that where data is trusted, secure, citizen focused, transparent, sovereign and ethical, it creates a thriving economy, environment and society.

So, unsurprisingly more than 100 sovereign nations have now introduced data sovereignty legislation.

In the Middle East & Africa, UKCloud is engaged in multiple sovereign opportunities with national governments and government organisations seeking to protect and benefit from the value of their sovereign data. Mr Ansari will assist the company as an advisor in the development of its interests across the region.

With its unique pedigree, technology and intellectual property, UKCloud is well positioned to meet the emerging global demand and assist nations to build a sovereign data capability and the underlying sovereign cloud platforms that are a prerequisite.

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