UTM:Healthcare Enhances Remote Patient Monitoring Solution to Allow for Multiple Patient Data Measurements

HUDSON, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile health technology company UTM:Healthcare has released a new version of its remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution with two new measurement features to improve the reading and reporting of data to health care providers, with a goal of improving patient outcomes.

The enhancements to the UTM:RPM dashboard enable case managers to request repeat readings from their patients, while also allowing patients to take multiple measurements each day. The UTM:RPM application is available in Apple’s App Store and in the Google Play app store.

“The latest update to our RPM platform is designed to increase flexibility in data reporting between patients and their caregivers,” said Seth Lachterman, a partner and co-founder of UTM:Healthcare and its parent, YouThisMe. “In some situations, such as a glucose reading, case managers may want a patient to take multiple measurements per day to ensure that they are within a safe, prescribed range.”

UTM:RPM is a seamless, HIPAA-compliant, simple-to-use remote patient monitoring system that enables hospitals and health systems to remotely manage common chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, COPD, diabetes and pneumonia. The solution helps patients manage their own health at home and avoid unnecessary trips to doctors’ offices or to the hospital. Data is collected by patients through Bluetooth-enabled biometric devices, such as digital blood pressure gauges and pulse oximeters, and transmitted securely to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses or case managers.

For more information about UTM:RPM, please visit https://utmhealthcare.com/remote-patient-monitoring/

About UTM:Healthcare

UTM:Healthcare, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of UThisMe, LLC (YouThisMe), developer of a seamless, secure, HIPAA-compliant, and simple-to-use remote patient monitoring system that allows patients to remain in their homes while giving providers essential information for managing chronic conditions and avoiding hospital readmissions. For more information, visit www.utmhealthcare.com.


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