WEI Selected for Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information Technology Contract ITC73

ITC73 is a Statewide Contract for IT Hardware and Services. This contract covers the acquisition of Information Technology hardware, project management, integration, maintenance, and other related services. This contract replaces ITC47- IT Hardware and Services

Contract Term: February 1, 2021 – January 31, 2028

SALEM, NH / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / WEI, an award-winning New England-based technology solution provider, is excited to announce they have been awarded the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Contract ITC73 for Information Technology Hardware, Project Management, Integration and Maintenance.

The ITC73 contact will be in place for seven years, and expire in 2028.

As a result of being awarded this contract, eligible government organizations in Massachusetts can purchase a full range of technology services from WEI. The list includes:

  • Cities, towns, districts, counties and other political subdivisions
  • Executive, legislative and judicial branches, including all departments and elected offices therein
  • Independent public authorities, commissions and quasi-public agencies
  • Local public libraries, public school districts and charter schools
  • Public hospitals owned by the Commonwealth
  • Public institutions of higher education
  • Public purchasing cooperatives
  • Non-profits that are doing business with the Commonwealth
  • Other states and territories with no prior approval by the State Purchasing Agent
  • Other entities when designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent

“As a provider of industry-leading IT solutions for over 30 years, we are excited to offer our services to a wide range of organizations within Massachusetts,” said Belisario Rosas, President and Founder of WEI. “This contract demonstrates our commitment to providing only the highest quality IT solutions for our clients.”

Eligible organizations within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will benefit from WEI’s approach to providing technological solutions. Since no two entities have the same needs, WEI tailors custom solutions and processes to suit these individual requirements, including desired goal, budget, space and power needed, time frame, and the number of required personnel.

About WEI

WEI is an expert in business technology improvement, helping clients optimize their compute environments and work efficiently. WEI works with clients to integrate corporate strategy, new technologies, and their current IT environment into one company-wide model to increase utilization and efficiencies around their unique business processes.

WEI’s clients benefit from a strong focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail. They combine cutting edge technology with architectural design, value-added services, onsite training, integration, testing labs, and a commitment to quality. From solution design through implementation, WEI’s sales and technical team remains focused on providing unwavering support throughout a project. For more information please visit www.WEI.com.

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Shanai Bemis & Erika Taylor Montgomery


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