Wellsheet Featured in KLAS Spotlight Targeting Physician Burnout

100% of Respondents Would Buy Wellsheet Again for Quick Access to Relevant Electronic Health Record Data to Reduce Time in the EHR

NEWARK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CHIOWellsheet Inc., the company delivering predictive clinical workflows transforming the physician experience in both Epic and Cerner Electronic Health Records (EHRs), announced today that it has been featured in a KLAS Spotlight on Wellsheet Targeting Physician Burnout.

“Physician burnout is a real problem, but Wellsheet has developed a solution that integrates into the EHR to improve workflow and identify gaps in care. This report looks to validate whether Wellsheet is helping to reduce physician burnout through customized workflows and physician customization tools,” according to KLAS Research. “The focus of the EHRs for delivering quality reports and supporting billing processes resulted in high rates of physician frustration in the industry. Solutions like Wellsheet that can integrate with an EHR and provide the physicians with key patient care data to improve care delivery workflows will protect EHR investments and improve physician satisfaction,” said Mike Davis, HCIT market research and analysis expert at KLAS Research.

“At large, multi-facility health systems, Wellsheet has reduced the average time physicians spend in the EHR chart by approximately 40% which has a direct impact on physician burnout. Clinicians have given Wellsheet’s EHR-agnostic predictive clinical workflow system a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 57, putting it on par with consumer products like Netflix and Amazon, significantly greater than clinician rankings for EHR systems,” said Craig Limoli, Wellsheet CEO and Founder.

KLAS found that Wellsheet clients enjoy high-quality support and proactive service. Wellsheet is quick to incorporate feedback and is efficient for chart review, rounding, and transitions of care. KLAS also reported that physician outcomes include:

  • Increased physician satisfaction
  • Better quality of care
  • Decreased time spent in the chart
  • Bonus functionality and positive unexpected outcomes

Quality of Care

The KLAS report also addressed team-based considerations, pointing out that, “Value-based care is synonymous with team-based care. Extending EHR workflow efficiency views and tools to nurses and therapists will drive additional value for the EHR environment. The ability to identify care gaps with various patient handoffs and communicate those effectively to the clinicians will improve the quality of care as well as the outcomes. Solutions need to support all clinicians in all care settings.”

EHR-Agnostic across the Continuum of Care

The KLAS report addresses that “in many cases, large organizations may have more than one EHR implemented for acute and ambulatory care environments. Accessing multiple EHR data streams to provide a consolidated view of a patient’s care across various modalities adds another value dimension. Wellsheet has established a big data environment to effectively process and manage this data.”

Wellsheet’s EHR-agnostic, predictive clinical workflow system pulls data from the EHR chart and prioritizes clinical content through specialized machine learning algorithms. It assembles the right information in an intuitive workflow that allows providers to quickly arrive at the right clinical insights. This layer on top of an EHR gives clinicians the ability to understand what needs to be done in real-time without compromising the provider-patient interaction.

Faster Response Times

With Wellsheet’s fully cloud-based and web-delivered architecture, new features and updates are deployed with no system downtime or analyst effort, resulting in savings in IT costs for EHR optimization efforts and maintenance moving forward.

Ease of Implementation

Wellsheet uses the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) application programming interfaces (APIs), and can pull and prioritize key patient data from multiple data sources with an accelerated implementation and deployment timeline. This is a huge plus for clinicians working across various sites of service in the same facility, or across different EHRs between facilities and different health systems. Wellsheet is a complementary and seamless part of the EHR, not an add-on that requires a separate login and password.

Research on Physician Burnout

Over 42% of physicians experience physician burnout and unhealthy levels of extreme stress. This burnout costs the healthcare industry between $2.6 billion and $6.3 billion each year. Physician burnout also impacts care quality. An AJMC study found that physician burnout was associated with twice the odds of involvement in patient safety incidents.

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About Wellsheet

Wellsheet’s platform-agnostic, cloud-based, predictive clinical workflow platform uses the FHIR API standards to work within an existing EHR to surface the most relevant content for physicians in a view that is contextualized and prioritized for their needs. It is integrated with both Epic and Cerner to reduce a physician’s time in the EHR, lessening physician burnout and improving the quality of patient care. Wellsheet’s SaaS-based offering is deployed in large healthcare providers. Learn more at www.wellsheet.com.


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