Why Patients Need Medical and Mental Care Simultaneously, According to NeuroPsychiatric Hospital

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Explains How Patients Can Improve When Medical and Mental Care are Provided

BREMEN, IN / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2021 / Patients who have both medical and mental illnesses are often cared for in unsatisfactory ways. They are either provided mental care or medical care but not both. The NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, with locations in Arizona, Indiana, and Texas, identifies that it’s critical for patients to receive both forms of care simultaneously.

The NeuroPsychiatric Hospital works with mentally ill patients as well as those who have addictions. They provide medical and mental care for patients, with a specialization in dual diagnosis.

Often, patients end up in a vicious cycle of not getting the care they need. A hospital may treat their medical condition, but their mental condition can spiral out of control. A psychiatrist can treat their mental condition, but not treating their medical condition can lead to more significant problems. As such, many patients give up trying to be treated because their needs aren’t being met. NeuroPsychiatric Hospital suggests a different approach to ensure that they’re getting both forms of care simultaneously.

Much to contrary belief, the NeuroPsychiatric Hospital explains that it’s not one type of patient not getting the care they need. Many believe it’s only low-income or homeless individuals not properly being treated for a dual diagnosis. The reality is that they see patients of all classes, ranging from children to NFL players.

It is critical that patients get the advanced treatments they need to ensure that all concerns are being addressed. A simultaneous treatment approach can ensure that a mental problem doesn’t result in further medical problems or vice versa. Further, when both issues aren’t being addressed at the same time, it can lead to the patient having more stress and even consider suicide.

It has been identified that many people seeking addiction treatment have underlying problems. When there’s an emphasis on searching for and providing a dual diagnosis, it can lead to more effective treatment. It ensures that a patient gets the full level of care they need, and NeuroPsychiatric Hospital can provide it. They have worked with patients who have homicidal or suicidal behavior, those with autism, dementia, and more.

While NeuroPsychiatric Hospital aims to open more locations, they are currently based in South Bend, Indiana, with locations throughout Indiana as well as expanding into Phoenix, Arizona, and Houston, Texas. Dr. Cameron Gilbert, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, continues to push toward assisting in the dual diagnosis so that more of the troubled population gets the comprehensive help that they need. More studies have shown that simultaneous treatment is best, and the work being done at NeuroPsychiatric Hospital supports this.


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