Wildbank Arts Creating Awareness for the Plight of Children and Youths

JAMESPORT, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / As a product of 50 years of art professionalism based upon his natural painting talent, Wildbank has cemented its spot as an art company that pokes at important things happening in society. Wildbank creates art that says a lot more than words can capture through portraits, still-life art, marinescapes, and more recently, art centered on political themes. The company has a lot of private and corporate clients that it has created art commissions for, such as its murals for Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, which is still currently on display.

Wildbank as a brand was established 50 years ago after graduating college. The founder, Charles Wildbank, was born deaf, and as a child, he needed to communicate what he wanted by drawing with pencils or crayons. The art brand was built on natural talents through his teens, and 50 years later, Wildbank has become a highly sought-after art brand because of the large-scale art and portraits that highlight the true situation of the children of the world to create public awareness for their needs.

Operating from a studio close to the Hamptons at Jamesport in the North Fork in Long Island, Wildbank has thrived over the years because of the monumental realism style that many artworks from the brand depict. Wildbank’s portraits are usually publicly displayed at events organized by special interest groups and charities to help them further their causes in special education, particularly for the deaf, their families, educators, and social workers.

Charles Wildbank himself has been invited as a guest at schools, hospitals, and museums to present his company’s artwork samples. Doing this has given Wildbank more publicity and sparked interest in donors’ involvement with these charities. Wildbank is an art company that targets families, social workers, educators, benefactors, and art enthusiasts in general. “My goal is to share insights on the needs of children with disabilities or in need of aid. It is a passionate topic as I have been an educator for several years, and it is an issue that I am all the more familiar with. Education could address more of the unfulfilled individual aspects that often otherwise would arise in a standardized homogenous environment. The result would be more of our youth having realized their fuller potential and lead productive lives,” Charles Wildbank says.

Wildbank as a company aims to capture its audience’s attention with its monumentally large, emotional, and strong-colored content. The artworks are created to pique the viewers’ interest in learning more about the subject, asking questions, and sharing the subject with others. Wildbank also offers virtual image previews in clients’ interior spaces so they can see in advance what the finished artwork will look like in their living space. This is one of the strategies that has helped Wildbank achieve client satisfaction over the years. In a few years, Wildbank hopes to create unique art pieces to strengthen more charitable and humanitarian causes.

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