YDX Innovation’s PMA Announces Successful Tournament Integration

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / YDX Innovation Corp (TSXV:YDX)(OTC PINK:YDRMF)(FSE:APY1) (“YDX” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the release of our Purple Mage Metric (PMM) used for the first time in correspondence with the Feb 13th MobaPool League of Legends Challenge.

The Purple Mage Metric uses live in-game data to rate player efficiency across multiple game titles with the goal of becoming the industry standard ranking system in esports. The PMM for League of Legends is taken from live in-game data and calculated based on kills, deaths, assists, wins, losses, creep score, and other important LoL data points.

This is the first esports tournament that has featured Purple Mage’s PMM scores to compare players. “This is a milestone moment for us at Purple Mage as we look to integrate the PMM into multiple tournaments and titles across the esports industry” said Kevin Schoenewolf, Sr. VP of Operations at Purple Mage. “I am excited for PMM’s further utilization and the growth of Purple Mage’s footprint in the esports industry.”

MobaPool is a mobile application that lets the audience vote on head to head winners for in-game prizes. There were over 40 PMM reports generated for this event, with every tournament participant receiving a baselined PMM score. The Purple Mage Metric was displayed for each player in the tournament giving the opportunity for the audience to view which player was more efficient based on previous in-game data.

“Introducing the PMM to our customers gave them a great tool to understand the TRUE value of a player. By adding more variables to KDA, it gives a more accurate picture of a player’s worth. This gives our users better information, which allows them to make better predictions on Mobapool,” stated Marc Bradford, CEO of Mobapool.

“The competitive gaming industry keeps breaking records and it’s only becoming harder for players and teams to stand out. To achieve a better performance in such a fast-paced career, players will need tools to enhance their game and go after correcting those details that will translate into positive results. It is a prime timing for Purple Mage to connect to this community and bring something new to esports teams and tournaments” – stated Daniel Japiassu, CEO of YDX Innovation.

About YDX Innovation
YDX Innovation Corp. (TSXV:YDX :: www.ydxinnovation.com) is a global leader in the commercialization of immersive new technologies that incorporate virtual reality, augmented reality, esports and gaming. Its core business seeks to monetize through licensing its IP, developing interactive exhibitions and through esports tournaments and content.

Purple Mage Advisorswww.purplemage.com – Purple Mage Advisors (PMA) is a research and data analysis firm that specializes in player recruitment and development in the gaming industry. PMA helps esports and gaming companies with industry reports, player recruitment, player training, data analysis and relevant statistical reporting.

Arkave VR Arenahttps://sales.arkavevr.com/ – is a proprietary gaming platform that brings location based virtual reality to any location-based event or entertainment centre. Arkave features state-of-the-art free roam technology coupled with a vast library of both in-house and third-party games.

YDreams Globalwww.ydreamsglobal.com – has developed over 2,000 interactive and immersive experiences for some of the largest global brands including Disney, NBA, Adidas, Cisco, Nokia, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Santander, AB InBev, Qualcomm, Unilever, Fiat and the City of Rio de Janeiro.

RENDERwww.render.gg – Render is a professional video production studio specializing in crafting video content for YouTubers, Streamers, Teams and Brands. Render is highly specialized in gaming content, but also works with a wide variety of digital media.

More Information:
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Director and CEO
(604) 704-6466

contact@ydxinnovation.com | www.ydxinnovation.com | www.youtube.com/ydreamsglobal

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