BISTel Inks Enterprise Agreement With Leading RF Semiconductor Manufacturer

Agreement Increases Integration of Cloud-based, AI Solutions to Improve Overall Manufacturing Effectiveness

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIBISTel, the world leader in Engineering Equipment Systems (EES) and manufacturing AI software applications for smart manufacturing announced a company-wide, multi-product, multi-site enterprise agreement with a leading provider of radio-frequency semiconductor devices which help connect a myriad of electronics systems serving military, aerospace, consumer and industrial applications. Designed to improve manufacturing effectiveness in some of the world’s most complex semiconductor manufacturing environments, BISTel’s next-generation, cloud-based, AI FDC, data analytics and predictive maintenance solutions form the basis of this new enterprise agreement and will be deployed throughout the customer’s manufacturing ecosystem.

BISTel will integrate its AI based solutions to improve overall manufacturing performance. AI-powered solutions like DFD, eDL and GrandView APM offer comprehensive data analysis tools than can help improve yield, product quality and reduce overall system downtime. By delivering these capabilities in the cloud, customers reduce infrastructure costs greatly with the ability to scale in a flexible, highly cost-effective manner. Partnering with BISTel and integrating these solutions will contribute significantly to the customer’s continuous improvement program.

For more than 20 years, BISTel has partnered with leading semiconductor manufacturing companies in Asia, the EU, Japan, and North America to improve production efficiencies and overall product quality of key manufacturing processes. From its industry-proven Equipment Engineering Systems (EES) framework to its innovative new Decision Support System (DSS) designed for knowledge sharing across the manufacturing ecosystem, BISTel works with leading IDMs and OEMs to continuously enhance their manufacturing quality and efficiency.

“That our customer has taken the decision to standardize these solutions across its enterprise reflects our belief that our AI solutions add substantial value in terms of reduced costs, and enhanced performance,” said Tom Ho, President, BISTel America. “This agreement reflects the strength of our joint efforts to always strive for excellence in manufacturing.”

BISTel’s manufacturing AI solutions improve the performance of valuable semiconductor equipment, and production processes resulting in increased engineering productivity, reduction in system downtime, and an improvement in yield and overall product quality. For example, the enterprise agreement includes BISTel’s next generation FDC system called Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) and its eDatalyzer®, an innovative suite of machine-learning based root cause analysis applications that quickly pinpoint and solve yield issues. It also includes a chamber matching solution that enables engineers to automatically reference the top performing wafer chamber then optimizes all chambers to match this “golden chamber.” The agreement also includes access to BISTel’s new AI-powered Grandview Asset Performance Management (APM) system that monitors the health of critical assets, detecting anomalies and using predictive analytics to identify production problems before they occur, including identifying the remaining useful life of the asset.

“BISTel values the loyalty and support of its customers and this agreement reflects a strong commitment by our customers to BISTel for which we are deeply honored. It also comes with the responsibility on our part to continue to deliver ongoing value and to help our customers improve their manufacturing processes,” commented W.K. Choi, CEO, BISTel.

About BISTel

BISTel is a leading provider of equipment engineering systems (EES) and AI based solutions for smart manufacturing. BISTel’s intelligent manufacturing solutions collect and manage data, monitor the health of equipment, optimize process flows, analyze large data, quickly identify root cause failures to mitigate risk, predict issues before they occur and extend the life of equipment through industry leading predictive analytics. BISTel helps customers reduce downtime, improve yield, increase equipment utilization and achieve significant production and engineering efficiencies across the factory. Founded in 2000, BISTel has more than 395 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in South Korea, with offices in California, China, Japan, Singapore and Texas. BISTel’s domain expertise in global manufacturing, includes, auto, flat panel display, industrial, oil & gas, PCB/SMT, and semiconductor manufacturing as well as automotive, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. For more information visit


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