Coalition Launched to Advance Clean Hydrogen as a Key Pathway to Achieving Global Decarbonization & U.S. Energy Competitiveness

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition (CHFC) announced it is bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders under a shared vision to support federal clean hydrogen policies that promote clean hydrogen as a key pathway to achieve global decarbonization objectives while also increasing U.S. global competitiveness.

“Clean Hydrogen fits squarely within President Biden’s plan to “Build Back Better” as it has the potential to decarbonize all sectors of the U.S. economy, create and transition good-paying jobs, and grow our economy. The Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition is calling upon policymakers to ensure that clean hydrogen plays a significant role to advance a national energy and climate strategy. It’s critical that public and private sector leaders work together so that our country can reap the benefit from strategic investments that advance clean hydrogen technologies and a clean energy future,” says Erik Mason, Nikola Global Head of Energy Supply & Trading and incoming chair of the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition.

Clean hydrogen has the ability to accelerate decarbonization across all sectors of our economy, as well as transition existing – and create new – skilled, high wage jobs needed to support the clean energy transition. In addition to the wide range of market applications and potential for significant future demand, clean hydrogen can be produced from a variety of energy sources, used as a replacement fuel or feedstock in several industries, store energy over long periods of time, as well as move and deliver energy to where it is needed, making it a highly versatile, clean energy resource.

“We are enthusiastic that many sectors of the economy are joining together to advocate for clean hydrogen as a critical pathway to achieve the emission reduction goals we have set for the businesses and groups we lead,” says David Carroll, President and CEO, Gas Technology Institute (GTI), Richard Voorberg, President, Siemens Energy, Inc., Sean McGarvey, President, North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU), and Alan Armstrong, President and CEO, The Williams Companies. “Our organizations, as well as several other U.S. businesses, have identified clean hydrogen as essential to meeting our targets, and we are eager to work with President Biden, his administration and Congress to foster clean hydrogen’s growth throughout our economy.”

To catalyze a clean hydrogen industry in the United States, the coalition is identifying specific actions that the U.S. can undertake to scale the full supply chain for clean hydrogen production, transport, storage, and use, as well as the technology development and infrastructure needs across multiple sectors. With the U.S. lagging behind other nations in scaling up the supply chain for clean hydrogen, the CHFC aims to support policies that promote clean hydrogen.


With over 20 leading stakeholder and industry participants, the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition represents a diverse group of energy companies, labor unions, utilities, NGOs, equipment suppliers, and project developers who are committed to the advancement of a net zero CO2 economy that is supported by the infrastructure across the supply chain to fully scale net zero clean hydrogen production and use in the U.S. Learn more at


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