Cyber Apps World (CYAP) Enters Agreement to Acquire 50% Interest in Scalable Work-From-Home HR Software Solution for Launch and Subsequent Spin Off

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2021 / Cyber Apps World Inc. (OTC PINK:CYAP) (“Cyber Apps” or the “Company”) (, an acquirer and developer of innovative cyber technologies with the potential for disruptive scalability and eventual spin-off success, is excited to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement to acquire a 50% interest in “Privacy and Value“, a technology solution geared toward management of remote workers with an emphasis on balancing privacy and productivity concerns.

Once the acquisition and development are complete, the Company plans to file an S-1 registration statement and spin off its interest in Privacy and Value as a separate trading entity, benefitting CYAP shareholders through proportional issuance and allocation of shares. The Company recently released an explanatory video detailing this spin-off process (related to its “WarpSpeed Taxi” project, which is another solution in late-stage development at Cyber Apps).

“We are locked in on the thesis that the post-pandemic world will be a new operating environment,” commented Mohammed Irfan Rafimiya Kazi, President of Cyber Apps. “Expert workplace analysis suggests that, in the developed world, up to 10 times as many people may be permanently working from home after the pandemic compared to before it. This massive disruption of the management industry opens up a massive opportunity. However, no solution to remote managerial oversight will work unless it proactively and responsibly addresses the concerns of employees in terms of privacy and respect. Striking that balance is key, and we believe we have a solution with the potential to set a new standard capable of scaling on a global level.”

Cyber Apps’ agreement to acquire an interest in the Privacy and Value software solution was executed with LIMITLESS PROJECTS INC (“Limitless”), a software development firm located in Wyoming. The intended features of the Privacy and Value software solution include:

  • Monitoring employees’ computer activities, but only while they are actually working on the system — ie, while logged in for work,
  • Accessing and viewing employee activity in real time (including keystrokes), recording, timestamping, and storing employee data for future management use,
  • Gauging worker productivity and engagement with work activities during prescribed work hours for which workers are being compensated,
  • Offering tools for managers in tabular and graphic form to compare employee efficiency based on inputs relevant to the system.

Kazi added, “Complex systems reorganize in powerful ways when a large percentage of people making up those systems all change their behaviors in important ways simultaneously and for extended periods, and the technology horizon moves in reaction. This is even more true when the direction of that change is aligned with basic widespread preference. In other words, most people would rather work from home if they could. Companies seeking to attract skilled workers in the post-pandemic world will be at a competitive disadvantage if they can’t evolve to meet this new constraint.”

The Company sees the Human Resources Technology market as primed for explosive growth as large and small organizations increasingly shift toward greater long-term reliance on work-from-home standards, creating significant new needs at the enterprise level set to drive a wave of investment in innovative HR technology solutions.

According to analysis from Global Workplace Analytics, 56% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible (at least partially) with remote work and only 3.6% of the employee workforce was working at home half-time or more prior to the pandemic health crisis. Global Workplace Analytics projects that number will rise 7-9 times over, resulting in the need to manage 25-30% of the total workforce on remote terms.

Kazi added, “We intend to finalize development of this state-of-the-art software solution and then launch, market, and sell the product. During this process, we will focus on spinning off the solution as an independent trading entity.”

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