enhances data quality, reliability, and connectivity capabilities

Partnership with Monte Carlo and new connection “command center” provide customers with a quicker, easier path to data trust and understanding

AUSTIN, Texas, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, the cloud-native enterprise data catalog company, today announced new data quality capabilities that help enterprises to increase trust in their data. Through a partnership with Monte Carlo, the data reliability company, and upcoming integration with its industry-leading data observability platform, data stewards, engineers, and admins can monitor and get alerted about data pipeline abnormalities via the platform.

“Everyone talks about building their business on data, but the reality is most executives, business leaders, analysts, and engineers have data trust issues,” said Jon Loyens, co-founder and chief product officer at “Our data catalog makes it easier for data producers and data consumers to find, understand, and more effectively use the data and metadata within their organization. By applying enhanced data quality and observability capabilities, we also instill a greater level of confidence in their data-driven insights.”

Capabilities available as part of the Monte Carlo partnership and combined solution will include:

  • Machine learning that infers and learns what data looks like, proactively identifies data downtime, assesses its impact, and notifies people who need to know.
  • Automated root cause identification and analysis, allowing users to collaborate and resolve issues faster.
  • A collaborative interface for data engineers and analysts to monitor data health across the entire data stack, from ingestion to analytics.
  • End-to-end lineage that covers warehouses, lakes, ETL, and business intelligence tools to understand the downstream impact of data issues.

“Data downtime, often the result of poor data quality and reliability, is a $1.3 billion problem for the enterprise,” said Barr Moses, co-founder and CEO at Monte Carlo Data. “Our data observability platform delivers unique insight into the health of data pipelines and helps people resolve issues before they affect your business. Our partnership with means companies can make data trust and reliability a core part of their data catalog and agile data governance processes.”

“Helping people make smarter choices about their insurance needs is an incredibly data-driven exercise,” said Claire Look, VP of Data at The Zebra. “ and Monte Carlo Data together help provide us with a foundational architecture that’s built on data and metadata discovery, understanding, trust, and use. That will allow our data teams to focus on insights and outcomes rather than data disputes and troubleshooting.”

New product releases

Also today, delivered its Connection Manager feature to thousands of enterprise users. This new “command center” simplifies and accelerates the process of connecting to and managing data and metadata from the growing array of modern data applications like Snowflake, AWS Athena, Azure Synapse, Denodo, and more. By centralizing this capability, data stewards, engineers, and administrators can more quickly catalog metadata and provide data consumers with virtual data access.’s SaaS-based platform delivers more than 1,000 releases a year, far outpacing traditional enterprise data catalogs that have lengthier update cycles. Other recently features released include:

  • Helpful Hints Now when data stewards and analysts hover over certain areas of the platform, a status indicator will provide at-a-glance visibility into the quality, certification, or governance status around that particular data and analysis resource.
  • Metadata Collectors – Also available this month are collectors for Presto and Looker. Metadata collected includes database, schema, table, view, and column information. spring summit

On March 25th, 2021, will host its virtual spring summit, a half day of new ideas, practical guidance, and journeys into the latest innovations in data practices, technology, and leadership. View the full speaker lineup, preview the agenda, and register here.

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