Episerver (Optimizely) B2B Commerce Accelerator by Nish Tech is a fully customizable e-commerce solution that allows brands to deliver rich, personalized B2B shopping experiences

Why spend months building a storefront when you could be selling product instead?

CINCINNATI, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nish Tech, Inc., a leading e-commerce and digital experience consultancy, has finalized its Episerver (Optimizely) B2B Commerce Accelerator. The Accelerator allows brands to create an enhanced B2B eCommerce solution on Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud using a “quick to launch” front-end experience driven by Episerver Content Cloud while lowering implementation cost.

Ideally suited for manufacturers and/or distributors, the Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator by Nish Tech is a fully customizable e-commerce solution that allows companies to deliver rich, personalized B2B shopping experiences at a fraction of the time and cost required for a typical e-commerce buildout. Nish Tech has done the development work so companies can focus on selling product and getting a faster return on their platform investment.

“The Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator by Nish Tech is a market ready Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud experience built on top of the Episerver Content Cloud digital experience platform,” reports Nish Tech CEO and Founder Suresh Devanan. “Our Accelerator is a fully functional B2B commerce experience that allows brands to easily set up a product catalog and personalized, optimized supporting content, and start selling product in matter of weeks.”

Nish Tech, an Episerver Gold Solution Partner, has leveraged the Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud as a headless commerce engine running against the Episerver Content Cloud. The resulting product offering is a feature rich B2B e-commerce experience platform that is ready for market with full functionality including:

  • Out-of-the-box sophisticated user design with extensible components
  • Multi-site theming architecture for accelerated rollouts
  • Complete self-service account management capabilities
  • Advanced search capabilities including auto-complete, e-commerce Elasticsearch, and Episerver (Optimizely) Search & Navigation for a friction-free visitor experience
  • Integrated personalization capabilities provide unique buying experiences such as facet filtering, customer-specific catalogs, sitewide product comparisons, and dynamic cross-sells, upsells, and product recommendations
  • Single page checkout for authenticated and guest users
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support for maximized global presence
  • Delivery and experimentation platform for optimized customer journeys

Companies that utilize the B2B Commerce Accelerator will enable a quick time to market for an Episerver Content Cloud and B2B Commerce Cloud launch. A typical implementation will involve integration of back-end systems, updates to the standard theming, and integration of product information and assets.

To set up a demo or get more information about the Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator by Nish Tech visit https://www.nishtechinc.com/episerver-b2b-accelerator

About Nish Tech
Nish Tech is a full-service digital experience and e-commerce consultancy that has been helping brands gain a competitive edge in their industries since 2011. As an Episerver (Optimizely) Gold Partner, we excel at delivering personalized digital solutions that drive business growth and improve customer experiences. Our team of experts help define and build online strategy and turn brands’ expectations into reality. For more information, please visit nishtechinc.com.

Suresh Devanan, CEO & President
Andy Klein, Director of Digital Marketing

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