From Building Other People’s Brands, To Creating Her Own, Serial Entrepreneur Erica Dias Creates; Helen Florals

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2021 / CEO of The B Firm PR uses transferable skills to launch her next career path with Helen Florals.

When you hear Erica Dias list her accomplishments in her nearly decade years of working in the fashion & beauty sectors and as a Publicist, there’s no choice but to be impressed. Her first love and passion is working in the fashion industry, but she’s had extensive experiences working as a wardrobe stylist for commercials such as Comcast, Doritos, TIVO, and Macy’s, as well as hit TV shows on networks like BET and VH1. After learning all she could in that space, she decided to grow in other arenas and expand into the publicity sector. With her career shift from Costume Designer to Publicist, Erica is constantly leveling up, and creating new opportunities for herself and others around her. She is the author of Faith It Until You Make It, a book full of inspirational quotes, and the CEO of the B Firm PR, a publicity and marketing firm and most recently she created Helen Florals in memory of her late grandmother; Helen Dias. She also is the visionary behind Table of 20, an intimate dining experience, where Erica works to connect, engage, impact and inspire guests in an intimate impactful experience.

“Our mission with B Firm PR is to provide creative breakthroughs for individuals, brands and corporations through strategic communication campaigns that educate, build relationships, extend reach and increase visibility. Our experiential arm designs customer experiences that enhance the consumer’s relationship with the brand,” Erica says.

Erica’s dive into entrepreneurship was a big risk, but looking back, she doesn’t see it happening any other way. After working for other people, she was turned off by the years of racial discrimination and being treated unfairly.

“I promised myself that I would invest in myself, my brand, and my dreams. I wanted to be able to create my own opportunities and I’ve always had a passion for helping the underdogs. I’m passionate to help them take their careers to greater heights. I know how it feels to be overlooked and underestimated, so being able to curate the narrative being told about my clients really brings joy to my heart,” Erica says.

Even with all of her passion and motivation, Erica will be the first to admit working for yourself is never easy. As she was getting started, she faced challenges in not knowing the complete ins-and-outs behind the scenes. With no formal training available in how the industry works, she had to learn all on her own, teaching herself the skills required through experience. In order to persevere, Erica knew it was important to stay faithful and positive.

“Positivity, faith, and believing in yourself are all must-do’s. What we speak over ourselves is so important, so practicing positive thoughts is key when starting a new business. Fear, on the other hand, means nothing. I don’t even use that word in my vocabulary, so it doesn’t mean anything to me,” Erica says.

With positivity and without fear, Erica was able to tackle the struggles that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much uncertainty in the world and in her industry, Erica and her firm were still able to add value to all of their clients, regardless of where they were in the world.

“I maintained a positive outlook in the midst of it all. We are still pushing through, with faith, hard work and passion,” Erica says.

Erica is looking forward to many new opportunities in the coming year, including her third book of inspirational quotes. After the success of her second book, Faith It Until You Make It, which was also a collection of inspirational quotes meant to give the reader a pick-me-up when they need it most, she knew there would be a market of readers that wanted more.

In addition, Erica is excited to launch her new floral business, Helen Florals, which can be found online and on Instagram.

Erica’s firm, her Table of 20 company, and Erica herself can all be found on Instagram, and Table of 20 and her company, B Firm PR are also online at their own websites.

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