Harris Insurance Wins ‘Agent For The Future Award’

FORT WALTON BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2021 / Harris Insurance is pleased to share that they were recently presented the coveted 2020 Agent for the Future Award for the Southeast Region from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance. Harris Insurance, which has long made it their mission to deliver exemplary customer service alongside access to unbiased coverage, is proud to have been recognized as a leading force for change in the industry.

An Agent for the Future, as defined by the organization, is an independent insurance agency that focuses on meeting the evolving needs of their community by adapting the services they offer and driving the independent agent channel forward. The award was launched only a few short years ago, in 2017, but it has already come to help shine a light on leading innovation in the industry and bring agencies that deserve more attention to the forefront of their communities’ attention. In particular, the organization believes that it is important to support and recognize independent agencies for their efforts because they are often far better suited to offer consumers the combined advantage of ease, choice, and advice they need to make informed decisions.

As Agent for the Future states on their website, “This year’s award winners have cultivated new capabilities, accelerated their digital presence, and pivoted to find new ways to attract and retain customers – all during a uniquely challenging year.” The award was presented to Harris Insurance for their role in tackling the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, simultaneously reassigning their resources to support their online endeavors (in order to preserve the quality of their customer experience) and working with their teams to maintain a universally beneficial corporate culture (that preserved morale and kept up productivity).

Harris Insurance explains that they were able to achieve such success in 2020 by reconsidering the role that contact-less methods of communication played in their relationship with their customers. These methods included online services, phone communications, email, and social media. They state, “We are so proud to receive this award as we continue to adapt to new ways of connecting with our clients!” Interested parties are welcome to view the company Facebook page to read more.

As an independent agency that is committed to running their operations as a paperless company, Harris Insurance had also invested heavily in digital workflows prior to the pandemic taking hold, an investment that gave them the foundation to provide what their community needed throughout 2020. While they were always certain that technology would eventually lead to the propagation of fully digital interactions, they and the minds behind Agent of the Future believe that the pandemic only served to illustrate this truth in greater detail. This is also evident in how the firm was able to find success despite having to grapple with such a challenging marketplace.

Similarly, as the agency’s customers have come to learn, communication was neither dropped nor otherwise affected negatively by a change in platform or medium. Today, the team exercises their full capabilities through multiple digital channels, allowing their community to get in touch and have their needs accommodated via the means they are most comfortable with. Many customers may prefer the established method of contact over the phone, for instance, but Harris Insurance is just as comfortable providing their valuable assistance over email, text messaging, and so on.

Furthermore, more and more users have turned to browsing the internet over the past year as they have been unable to get involved in their usual outdoor habits. However, even before this was the case, the firm had made it their goal to carry out comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that helped carry their message to various audiences and bring in new customers. Since the pandemic began, those efforts have only increased, and the agency firmly believes that the results speak for themselves.

Those looking for the right insurance policy that can meet their unique needs are welcome to contact Harris Insurance today. Information regarding the firm’s various services as well as the opportunities they offer throughout Florida can be found on their official website as well. Similarly, the team can be reached via multiple social media platforms.

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