IoT Tech Expo Virtual 2021

“oneM2M’s open-standards define the roadmap for successful IoT connectivity and deployment”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is hugely popular among enterprises for its power to enable smarter decisions, to revolutionise operations and to improve supply-chain sustainability. However, with IoT deployments set to hit 30 billion device connections by 2025, it is critical businesses have the infrastructure necessary to take advantage of the digital transformation opportunities that IoT allows.

As part of the live “IoT Networks: The Considerations and Solutions For Staying Connected” panel, Ken Figueredo, of Convida Wireless and oneM2M, will explain the importance of oneM2M standards when it comes to interoperability and the evolution of connectivity technologies. The success of IoT applications across multiple industries, from smart cities to healthcare, relies on the ability to collect IoT data from multiple sources in order to serve multiple applications and third-party data consumers. oneM2M standards define a horizontal architecture and middleware capabilities for managing IoT devices and applications. oneM2M’s standardisation framework provides the technology roadmap for security and privacy control functions, the capability to integrate products from different vendors, and tools to facilitate data monetisation.

Through implementation references, Figueredo will illustrate how enterprises should integrate oneM2M standards for highly successful IoT deployments. This will include approaches to integrate legacy and new-build systems to capitalise on earlier investments, while ensuring their infrastructure can address emerging IoT needs.

As connectivity and other technologies evolve, digital transformation demand will continue to drive IoT growth. For deployments to be truly successful, oneM2M standards and horizontal architecture should be adopted to maximise the market potential by enabling cross-silo and vendor-neutral interoperability. oneM2M’s standardisation roadmap also protects enterprise investments by re-using legacy infrastructure and accommodating emerging requirements relating to security, privacy, and data monetisation.

Ken Figueredo focuses on IoT eco-system strategy and standardisation initiatives for Convida Wireless, an innovation-focused joint venture between InterDigital Inc. and Sony Corporation. In this capacity, he participates in the oneM2M Partnership Project which is responsible for standardizing a suite of middleware capabilities for use in building interoperable and scalable IoT systems.

Figueredo’s other activities include contributions to the ATIS/US Ignite Smart City Data Exchange initiative and the Industrial Internet Consortium. His prior market-development experience includes advising the GSMA in creating its industry strategy targeting the Connected Living/IoT market opportunities. He is an alumnus of INSEAD and holds an Engineering PhD in ‘digital-twin’ algorithms for self-adaptive control systems.

One-to-one Zoom briefings with Figueredo are available to discuss the topic in more depth and learn more about oneM2M. Please contact Kelly Pyart on or call +44 (0) 7774 095296 to arrange.

The live “IoT Networks: The Considerations and Solutions For Staying Connected” panel will take place as part of the IoT Tech Expo Virtual event on Thursday 18th March at 10:40am. You can register to attend and watch the panel here:

oneM2M is the global standards initiative that covers requirements, architecture, API specifications, security solutions and interoperability for Machine-to-Machine and IoT technologies. oneM2M was formed in 2012 and consists of eight of the world’s preeminent standards development organisations: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (U.S.), CCSA (China), ETSI (Europe), TIA (U.S.), TSDSI (India), TTA (Korea), and TTC (Japan), together with four industry fora or consortia (CEN, CENELEC, GlobalPlatform, OMA) and over 200 member organisations. oneM2M specifications provide a framework to support applications and services such as the smart grid, connected car, home automation, public safety, and health. oneM2M actively encourages industry associations and forums with specific application requirements to participate in oneM2M, in order to ensure that the solutions developed support their specific needs. For more information, including how to join and participate in oneM2M, see:

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