LFG Nexus the First Social Media Platform for Gamers, Opens Its First Round to Crowdfunder’s and Investors

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / March 10, 2021 / LFG Nexus, is a game-changer here to disrupt the Gaming industry with a new take on how Social Media will work in the future for Gamers. Be a part of the first offering via www.wefunder.com/LFGNexus2 with investments starting as small as $100. LFG Nexus is targeting a fundraising amount of $550,000 with a valuation cap of $2.9 million. Limited pre-campaign investing is opening up on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021.

By leveraging the WeFunder crowdfunding platform, and the US Jobs Act to raise capital, LFG Nexus is enabling people who are fans of gaming to also own part the company. Until today, Regulation CF limited the amounts an early-stage company could raise. With retail investors recently benefitting from small-dollar investing in public companies like GameStop, all investors now have the opportunity to make a private venture capital seed investment in LFG Nexus as it tries to reach its goal of $550,000. LFG Nexus is extremely proud to make this offer to not only Investors but to the average Gamers as well!

About LFG Nexus:

What differentiates LFG Nexus from any competition is that gamers, the people who use this platform can provide direction for the platform’s growth. With the recent changes in the Securities and Exchange Investment laws, accredited investors now allow almost anyone to participate in our offering.

LFG Nexus is different from other platforms by offering unique features such as:

  • Looking for Group feature, which brings Gamers together to play their favorite games.
  • Map of Events which allows Gamers to find local events and which helps local businesses at the same time bringing people together.
  • LFG Nexus integrates with major platforms helping Streamers and Game Developers get their content out there for more people to experience.
  • When creating your account, you tell us what games you like so we can recommend groups, pages, books and more for you. We do not infringe on your privacy.
  • As well as Stores and Marketing place, everything a gamer needs in one place!

“Nexus” the one-stop-shop for all gamers!
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