Lifoam Industries Ramping Up Capacity to Meet Growing Cold Chain Packaging Demand Driven by COVID-19 Vaccines

Shippers tested and qualified for wide range of vaccine shipping specifications will support increasing shipment needs.

GREENVILLE, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lifoam Industries, LLC (Lifoam), a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products LLC (LifeMade), applies its decades of cold chain packaging expertise to provide temperature-controlled solutions designed to meet the ultra-cold and other required shipping temperatures required for the COVID-19 vaccines. Lifoam’s innovative and pre-qualified solutions support nationwide efforts to protect and deliver COVID-19 vaccines to clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and other vaccination sites.

Lifoam is a trusted partner for thermally controlled packaging for the healthcare industry, and offers solutions that are tested, qualified, and ready for quick turnaround production. The company offers multiple options, including EPS dry ice shipping containers, ePUR™ temporary vaccine storage containers, sustainable EPS containers made with biodegradable technology, and portable refrigerated storage.

“Pharmaceutical companies have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to create life-saving vaccines, now it’s the job of Lifoam and others to share in the responsibility of delivering them safely,” said Mark Gettig, President of LifeMade. “Our COVID task force has been working diligently with vendors, partners, and distributors to address the critical and complex packaging needs. We’ve increased our capacity to supply vaccine manufacturers and their distributors with the packaging they need to quickly and safely transport COVID-19 vaccines,” he added.

Built to specific performance standards, Lifoam solutions are efficient and not overbuilt. Its series of dry ice-based -70°C shipping containers and PCM-based -20°C meet the extreme temperature requirements of the current vaccines. The company’s temporary storage container, with its unique ePUR™ insulation, has a hold time of 120 hours without dry ice replenishment, and the shipping containers are qualified to last up to 63 hours in transit.

“We have ready-made solutions that are proven and reliable for vaccine distribution, and we can work with pharmaceutical companies to custom engineer a solution for special payload sizes and other requirements utilizing our proven technologies and in-house ISTA-certified test facilities, while also maintaining a dedication to sustainability,” Gettig said.

Building on a rich history molding foam materials, LifeMade and Lifoam of parent company Jadex Inc., maintain market leadership by providing the convenience and high-quality customers value and expect. Responding to the largest vaccine distribution event in modern history, from its seven manufacturing facilities across the U.S., Lifoam is fighting COVID-19 by helping to safely deliver vaccines wherever needed. For more information, visit

About Lifoam Industries, LLC

Lifoam Industries, LLC, a business segment of LifeMade Products LLC, is the pioneer of the original foam cooler and global provider of innovative and cost-effective cold-chain shipping solutions for more than 60 years. Continuing the legacy, Lifoam is developing leading-edge thermal protection products, and validating design and performance through onsite labs. For more information, visit

About LifeMade Products LLC

LifeMade Products LLC, is a leading temperature-control packaging and single-use consumer goods manufacturer with a strong portfolio of products centered around innovation, performance, convenience, and sustainability, produced under brands including: LifeMade® Consumer Products, Lifoam™, Diamond®, Freez Pak™, Envirocooler™ and ProPak™. With a mission to create superior products that push industries forward, LifeMade® strives to make life better. For more information, visit

About Jadex Inc.

Jadex Inc. is a US-based manufacturing and material science company utilizing innovation and technology to develop sustainable products that serve the medical, industrial and consumer markets. The range of products includes custom-designed plastic components, engineered nylon resins and monofilaments, zinc products, and temperature-controlled products that solve both industrial and consumer challenges. Jadex Inc. operates out of 19 facilities across the US, UK and Puerto Rico and has approximately 1,800 employees. For more information, visit


Laura Mooney, Marketing Director


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