Miami Entrepreneur Juan Munoz Disrupts The Content Marketing Landscape With Video Advertising

WESTON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 27, 2021 / Juan Munoz is disrupting the world of content marketing with dynamic video advertising that seeks to fuse aspirational visions with visual art. Though he is quite established now, it has required a lot of hard work and staying at the forefront of technology in order to get there.

How do you change the world? If you’re Juan Munoz, you do it with dynamic content and one audience member at a time. Of course, with hundreds of thousands of followers, that becomes much easier than it would first appear. Then again, Munoz is adept at making things look easy when they actually require a ton of work, perseverance, and connections in the industry but also with the broader world. Indeed, it is this perception of events, thoughts, actions, and people around him that Munoz has channeled into a content marketing campaign that disrupts the video advertising landscape while also simultaneously pointing the way forward for a new paradigm in the field.

Founder of social media marketing company Sky Ten Marketing, Juan Munoz also dabbles in film on the side. Munoz stresses that Sky Ten Marketing looks for the core elements in a company’s brand identity and then highlights them through video media. Companies that want to fuse their aspirational visions with their marketing messaging would do well to learn from his disruptive style that not only works but does so on a reliable and consistent basis.

Channeling the spirit of entrepreneurs past, Munoz recounts how this vibe and energy has permeated his life since the very beginning, describing a life surrounded by entrepreneurial people.

“Growing up, I’ve been filming with entrepreneurs and other like-minded people like me. So I caught on to the game really quick as every entrepreneur had a different story that I could learn from. The passion, motivation and changing people’s life felt as many businesses wanted to take their presence online. I immediately took action to bring my business into place helping thousands of brands and companies upscale their sales through my social media presence and films,” he recalls.

“Success isn’t built overnight, but patience is key to getting there as long as you are persistent with the passion you live for everyday. This road has just started, but all I can say is that I’ve been a good mile down the road already and it was bumpy. This means we have to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles get in the way. I’ve been editing videos since I was 12 years old, and I spent most of my younger days inside because it was something I really loved while growing up. My parents had a different vision for success. I had to stop my passion for film and editing. I then realized right away that if I followed my dream as a director and filmmaker, I would be much happier and would make more money with a fulfilled dream. I had changed my profession many times in high school, but got to where I wanted to be all because I chose to face my fears and everyone saw big hopes and started to believe in me after I put out work and gave it one hundred percent hustle and dedication.”

One of the biggest things Munoz stresses when he talks about his successes is that they were built upon the backs of many disappointments over the years. Though the journey is a difficult one, the road was made much easier due to his love for the field and his passion for connecting individuals to broader movements in the cultural landscape.

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