Milkify Launches New Service for Nursing Moms

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Milkify, a Houston start-up, has developed the first breast milk freeze-drying service in the U.S. for nursing mothers. Safe and convenient, Milkify’s proprietary freeze-drying process is a contact-free method of storing breast milk for up to three years without refrigeration. The freeze-dried powder is easy to transport and use, as well as being better than freezing at preserving breast milk’s vital nutrients.

“The idea for Milkify started in the research lab,” says Molecular Biologist and Milkify Co-founder Dr. Berkley Luck. “It was clear from the research that freeze-drying was better than freezing when it came to preserving the nutrients and probiotics in breast milk. I’m a passionate advocate for continued breastfeeding and believe that Milkify will help encourage more mothers to continue providing breast milk to their infants for a longer time, even after weaning. Our process eliminates the inconvenience of freezer storage and enables women to stockpile their milk for later use without the need for additional freezer space.”

Milkify receives breast milk stored in lactation bags via courier pick-up for local customers or by overnight shipping in specialized coolers, which are similar to those used by the medical and pharmaceutical industries for temperature sensitive products. Each bag of milk that Milkify receives is freeze-dried using a 100% chemical-free process, then vacuum sealed in high-barrier bags and shipped back to the customer.

One of the top benefits of freeze-drying breast milk became readily apparent in February during Houston’s unprecedented freeze and prolonged power outage. “Milkify helps protect breast milk from loss during natural disasters and power outages,” says Milkify Co-founder Pedro Silva. “The CDC recommends that frozen breast milk should be used within two hours after it thaws or be discarded. You might say freeze-dried breast milk is an insurance policy of sorts against losses like this.”

Other benefits of Milkify’s freeze-drying process include: frees up freezer space; eliminates the bad taste in high-lipase freezer-stored breast milk; prolongs the shelf life of breast milk without refrigeration for up to three years; preserves the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic components of breast milk; increases the convenience and ease of transporting breast milk while traveling with an infant.

“There are many different reasons why nursing mothers turn to freeze-drying breast milk,” Silva says. “Freeze-dried breast milk powder retains the healthy properties of breast milk while providing the convenience of powdered infant formula. For nursing mothers looking to stockpile their milk, from a few bags to hundreds, freeze-drying is the best way. Milkify is here for you.”


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