New COVID-19 Health App To Revive Workplace Activity and Gatherings Now

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2021 / VOW, a company dedicated to the event, meeting, hospitality, and entertainment industry recently launched VOW Digital Health. The first-of-its-kind COVID-19 health app, VOW Digital Health puts COVID-19 testing options and sophisticated technology in the hands of employers and event organizers committed to safety.

VOW Digital Health facilitates COVID-19 safe and healthy workplaces and gatherings, ushering in a return to normalcy with limitless use cases, across multiple landscapes. While originally built for the live event industry, VOW Digital Health offers wide-reaching recovery benefits. Employers and event organizers now have a solution to streamline COVID-19 health data at scale, communicate requirements and status to employees and attendees, and access COVID-19 testing and compliance resources.

VOW Digital Health features a customizable and automated workflow and command center to manage COVID-19 health information of employees, customers and attendees. The potentially life-saving app captures multiple data points such as temperature, CDC screenings, COVID-19 test results and vaccination records, leaning into privacy-preserving technology, with strict governance around data privacy and security.

Guided by a high-touch experience, users are prompted to take and upload a COVID-19 test or provide a vaccine credential within a certain timeframe. VOW Digital Health validates the test or vaccine providing real-time visibility to employers and event organizers so they can be assured that everyone is “safe” right up to the moment the gathering commences. An extremely user-friendly design generates a Digital Health Passport to those cleared for access to any gathering-be it at the office, sporting event, concert, or wedding. Friendly advisories like “see you at the office” or “enjoy the show,” along with detailed follow-on instructions complete their journey. Alternatively, when access is denied, the app can immediately connect to live support or offer “join virtually.”

“VOW Digital Health was designed to facilitate and accelerate a safe return to workplace activities and live experiences now. While most emerging apps are consumer-facing, VOW Digital Health delivers the first and only professional product, so desperately needed right now by employers and event organizers alike,” says VOW Founder and CEO Jennifer Brisman. “Unlike other solutions, we recognize how uncertain and uneven the playing field is at this time. So we champion an end-to end workflow with professional customer support, removing the work and worry for all.”

The release of VOW Digital Health could not arrive at a better time for the crippled event, meeting, hospitality, and entertainment ecosystem navigating uncertainty in the coming weeks with states such as New York releasing restrictions surrounding gatherings, while also requiring testing and standing up rapid testing sites throughout boroughs.

Professional customers are searching for a solution to help them quickly establish a tenable process, and they are looking for agile best-in-class partners to do exactly that,” states Brisman. A tech founder and 20-year event industry veteran, Brisman is eager for VOW Digital Health to support employers and event organizers in managing the data they require to ensure safety, resume operations, prove success, restore confidence and get back in the black.

About VOW and VOW Digital Health:
Founded in 2018, VOW is a company dedicated to transforming the future of work for event, meeting, hospitality and entertainment professionals everywhere. VOW’s B2B2C purpose-built solution streamlines interactions between stakeholders along the event journey. VOW Digital Health is the premier platform to manage COVID-19 digital health, facilitating and accelerating a return to the workplace and live experiences.

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