numares announces FDA 510(k) Submission of AXINON System®, a NMR platform for metabolomics-based, AI-driven Diagnostics

BOSTON, & REGENSBURG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading NMR diagnostics company numares AG today announced that the company made a 510(k) submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its AXINON® IVD System, a NMR-platform for AI-driven, metabolomics-based diagnostics. If cleared, AXINON® would become the first NMR-based clinical laboratory system using AI-evaluated metabolic data. Several multi-marker assays for AXINON® will cover numerous unmet medical needs, in order to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

The clearance of AXINON® would bring a novel diagnostic approach to clinical laboratories, the combination of several metabolic biomarkers, so-called metabolite constellations, analyzed by advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology and evaluated by numares’ proprietary, AI-driven AXINON® diagnostic software.

“This U.S. regulatory filing for its diagnostics platform is an important milestone for numares,” said Winton Gibbons, President – US and co-Chief Executive Officer of numares. “After entering into collaborations on joint diagnostics development with analytical instrumentation and solution provider Bruker Corporation in January 2021, and with Mayo Clinic Laboratories in 2019, this FDA submission is the first step in our common endeavor to bring NMR diagnostics into routine clinical use, and make metabolomics-based diagnostics accessible to the patients.”

numares is currently developing multi-marker algorithms for several diagnostic tests on the AXINON® IVD System. These include AXINON® GFRNMR to reliably assess kidney function by improved determination of glomerular filtration rate (GFR). numares expects to submit this test to the FDA also in the first half 2021. The third assay AXINON® renalTX-SCORE®is intended to reliably identify early kidney rejection in post-transplant surveillance, and be submitted to the FDA in 2022. Further multi-marker tests are in development, e.g., for liver disease, cancer detection, and multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Maulik Shah, numares’ Medical Director comments: “AXINON® provides clinical laboratories with a powerful technology that leverages the information-rich metabolome with artificial intelligence to give healthcare professionals new insights into disease diagnosis and management for improved patient outcomes. At the same time, automation capabilities, excellent precision, easy operability will allow easy adaption of the FDA-cleared system by clinical laboratories and will make AXINON® an indispensable routine diagnostic tool in precision medicine.”

“The 510(k) submission of our AXINON® System is an important step and prerequisite to further strengthen commercialization of numares’ products in the United States”, concludes Dr. Volker Pfahlert, co-CEO of numares and chairman of the executive board. “Metabolic disorders are a rapidly increasing problem and major challenge to today’s healthcare systems. Patients will benefit from our approach to consider the patient’s metabolome with sophisticated algorithms. Once cleared by the FDA, we believe AXINON® has the potential to meaningfully improve health outcomes and quality of life for millions of patients.”

The AXINON® System consists of AI-based AXINON® Software, ready-to-use AXINON® kits, and an advanced NMR technology, refined by numares’ proprietary Magnetic Group SignalingTM to ensure highly standardized and automated processing of serum or urine samples in high-throughput.

About numares

numares AG, based in Regensburg, Germany, is a fast-growing innovative diagnostics company that applies machine learning to metabolomics data to develop advanced analytical tests for high-throughput use in clinical diagnostics. The AXINON® System employs advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to evaluate metabolic constellations. Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) is a proprietary technology that enables NMR for highly standardized and rapid throughput testing. Metabolic tests stand as an important pillar in precision medicine to address unmet needs in cardiovascular, kidney, liver, and neurological diseases. You will find more information at


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