Paul Sternberg Offers Continuing Legal Education Classes in Unique Field of Internet Defamation

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2021 / Houston attorney, Paul Sternberg, focuses his practice on the areas of Internet defamation law and business law. In addition to representing private clients who have been victims of defamatory cyber-attacks for more than 10 years, he is the author of The Guide to Internet Defamation and Website Removal and Defamation and Website Removal for Bullied Students.

Most consider Sternberg, an expert in the field of Internet defamation. As such, he has been invited to speak to attorney and community groups, as well as called upon by news organizations to lend his thoughts and insights in this emerging legal field.

Because it is an emerging field of law and one that is somewhat unique among legal practices today, Paul Sternberg is often called upon to lecture for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes.

Paul Sternberg’s Education and Qualifications

Paul Sternberg graduated from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in 1987. He later attended South Texas College of Law in Houston, where he was on the Dean’s Honor Roll and received his degree in law in 1996. He has owned his own law firm and private practice in Houston since 2001 where he has devoted much of his career to business law and online defamation cases.

As it continues to be an emerging field in law, his wide experience makes him sought out to speak in the field. Sternberg’s practice addresses the following topics in law and more:

  • Internet defamation
  • Content removal
  • Cyberbullying
  • Online harassment
  • Online reputation management repair
  • Revenge porn

In addition to his wide experience in and out of the courtroom, Sternberg has appeared on many websites, including WBOC16, EINPressWire, ABC6, CISION, Chron, and Red TV the Magazine.

What is Continuing Legal Education?

Every U.S. state requires attorneys to continue their legal education by requiring them to take classes each year. Because the topic of Sternberg’s expertise is so unique, there isn’t much course material to work with. Plus, the subject lends itself to lectures far better than traditional types of educational instruction.

CLE is something lawyers across the country are required to commit to each and every year as part of their continuing education and the maintenance of their licenses to practice.

What Topics Does Paul Sternberg Cover in His Lectures?

Because Paul Sternberg handles Internet defamation cases as a routine part of his responsibilities as an attorney, he is able to provide lecture participants with a blueprint for handling online defamation cases. The following are topics he covers during his lectures:

  • The First Amendment and Protected Speech
  • Determining the Defaming Party
  • Understanding Liability Under the CDA and the DMCA
  • Legal Strategies to Consider in Defamation Cases
  • Building a Defamation Case or Defense and Removing a Website
  • Libel vs. Slander
  • Weighing the Decision to Sue
  • Deploying a Cease and Desist Letter
  • The Streisand Effect
  • Elements to Prove
  • Statutes of Limitation
  • Public vs. Private Figures
  • Malice vs. Negligence
  • Proof of Damages
  • Drafting Court Orders
  • Utilizing Terms of Service
  • Restoring a Client’s Reputation
  • Keys to Success in Defamation Lawsuits

These lectures are available through various means, and they do have a fee associated with them.

Where Can You Find Sternberg’s Lectures?

Enjoy your CLE classes on your own time by choosing one of Sternberg’s online lectures. They are available in multiple locations across the World Wide Web, including the locations listed below.

Attorneys interested in learning about this emerging field of law may wish to explore one or more of Sternberg’s lectures for expert advice and guidance in the field.

Paul Sternberg
The Defamation Attorney
+1 713-392-4322

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