Roddy Reef Discusses the Keys to Excellent Project Management

Commercial construction expert Roddy Reef from Denver, CO discusses the keys to excellent project management.

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / March 25, 2021 / The field of project management requires great responsibility. A project manager holds the responsibility of successfully planning and executing a project. Roddy Reef is a project manager in the construction field, and he recently discussed the key characteristics of excellent project management.

“As in many fields, communication is a major key to success in project management,” Roddy Reef said. “Every excellent project manager is a great communicator.” Reef stated that project management constantly requires communication. A project manager needs to be able to share ideas, solve problems, communicate knowledge, and constantly provide updated information. This communication can take place in reports, emails, documentation, status updates, and more. Thoughts, schedules, and regulations need to be portrayed clearly, whether they are in written form or verbal. The project team needs to fully understand the process and the goal to complete a task successfully.

“Problem-solving is another essential skill of every project manager,” Roddy Reef said. “As the PM, you are the one in charge when problems arise. You need to be able to solve problems creatively and effectively. Many times, this means creating more than one possible solution.” Reef added that being able to stay organized at all times and successfully juggle several tasks are required. A PM always has to keep track of numerous items, whether those items are reports, multiple projects, or a variety of employees. Staying organized may require creating checklists, keeping a planner, and setting reminders for yourself. A great PM does whatever it takes to stay on track and complete the project in the desired time frame. “Finally, a successful project manager must know how to create a great team,” Roddy Reef said. “Your team is your greatest tool for accomplishing tasks, and it can make or break your personal success as well as the success of the entire project.”

Roddy Reef explained that creating a good team means managing successfully, choosing superior team members when possible, and providing the knowledge your team needs to succeed. You’ll need to challenge your team, listen to them, and encourage them. It’s essential to always acknowledge the successes of your team and provide incentives for them to continue achieving. A great project manager provides encouragement and assistance as opposed to demands.

“Becoming a successful project manager requires all the above and so much more,” Roddy Reef said. “This isn’t an easy position to hold, but it can be extremely rewarding when you see the end result and the overall success of your team.”


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