Sino United Worldwide Limited: Leading The US Fintech Sector In February 2021

KINGSTON, HEREFORDSHIRE / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2021 / Last month, the stock exchange suffered many ups and downs. Now, people are wondering why Sino United Worldwide Limited remained untouched? Although last month’s market correction has left significant losses, Sino United Worldwide Limited (SUIC) came out strong.

The American Fintech industry represents a booming industry. According to PwC’s analysis, American private companies in the sector have reached a total venture capital of $18 billion, compared to $13 billion in 2018.

Now, the company’s market cap is $107.212 Million, and it is estimated to go up, as the company is launching its latest technology in the digital financial system: QQ Credits, which will be its own cryptocurrency. QQ Credits uses blockchain technology, and its launch will take place in the next few days.

Furthermore, QQPay will become the digital medium where all the financial transactions of QQ credits will take place. According to Forbes’ Fintech senior editor, Jeff Kauflin, the top 10 fintech companies have something in common: Blockchain.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Sino United Worldwide performed so well in the Stock market during February 2021. The new QQ credits concept has left the company with more than 400% profits in the stock market and still rising.

Blockchain is booming, thanks to its convenient solution for businesses to quickly and safely take their capital assets from one place to another around the world at a low cost. Due to blockchain technology, the monetary system can finally boom in a way we have never seen before. Thanks to billion-dollar businesses investing in crypto, the world is uncovering new possibilities.

Undoubtedly, blockchain is the future of finances, leading the way to banks into a secure and fruitful future. As companies are now fully dedicated to the growth and innovation of such technological solutions within blockchain tech development.

Sino United Worldwide Limited understood the needs of the current market and went above and beyond with their latest launch, thus rewarded with such tremendous capital and stock market growth.

In their latest press release, Sino United Worldwide Limited announced that the QQ credits concept is a unique service that no other company offers at the moment. So, we shall stay on top of this news and see what the future holds for QQ credits, but it seems bright and positive.

Here’s what you can expect from QQ credits:

  • No monthly fee, only a small fee of 0.2% per transaction
  • Flexible payments.
  • No need for a hard wallet.
  • Convert QQ Credits instantly without any fees.
  • QQ Credits will be as any other worldwide currency.
  • QQ Credits will act as your IBAN.

QQ credits are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming in the American market. The Fintech industry is expected to significantly impact the financial sector with new and groundbreaking innovations. This is the perfect time to invest in Sino United Worldwide Limited, getting in on the ground floor as the market identifies it as the innovation industry leader it is.


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