Sunny Bunny Swim Gains Global Recognition After Million-Dollar Giveaway, Continues to Empower Women Worldwide

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2021 / Amid all the negativities the world had to go through last year, a trendy swimwear brand was spreading positivity. On its mission to make a big difference in the world, Sunny Bunny Swim gave away 143,000 pairs of bikinis, roughly worth around $9,000,000, to people across the globe between April and May 2020. Despite its impressive efforts so far in paying success forward, the swimwear brand ensures everyone that it has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

The giveaway generated waves on social media and strengthened Sunny Bunny Swim’s image worldwide. Although the founders admitted that it was a risky campaign, the results made it all worth the while because the swimwear brand was able to expand its market to new locations. The campaign, primarily released on Instagram, attracted over 25 million people across several social media sites such as TikTok, with four million people attempting to get the free bikini. The success of the campaign broadened the company’s perspective on how they could engage their followers to take part in spreading positivity.

Built to make a difference, Sunny Bunny Swim aims to reshape the way women perceive swimwear brands. Unlike others, Sunny Bunny Swim seeks to provide a meaningful shopping experience by being transparent and affordable. The company also wants its customers to feel like they are part of various movements and advocacies by making them understand that Sunny Bunny Swim products support other women worldwide. In 2022, the swimwear brand will fund women’s education in the United States and different developing countries, upholding its vision to create better opportunities, provide quality education, and improve the lives of women.

Sunny Bunny Swim started its operations in a humble garage, with its first big sale made possible by the founders and their friends, who all came together in four days to fill out the stream of demand. With its chic, fashion-forward, and eye-catching design, Sunny Bunny Swim quickly captured the eyes of the market as the new swimwear brand to patronize. From there, what began as a company with no funding and a team of visionaries with no experience in the clothing industry boomed into one of the most valuable companies today in the United States.

Sunny Bunny Swim is fueled to create a positive impact in the world, especially among women, by giving them the confidence to embrace their bodies. After relentlessly focusing on its goal, the company now ships its products to 21 countries worldwide, catering to hundreds of thousands of customers.

The road to success was never easy for the swimwear brand. But with sheer persistence, despite roadblocks along the way, and beyond generating profit, Sunny Bunny Swim wants to prove that clothing brands can go past the superficial and become instruments of change.

In five years, Sunny Bunny Swim envisions occupying a large chunk in the swimsuit market and be recognized worldwide as a swimwear brand driven by altruism, philanthropy, and empowerment. To learn more about Sunny Bunny Swim, visit its website.

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