The New Direction of Coaching: Strategy and Efficiency – An Interview with David March, a Transformational Coach, Recruiter, and Author Who Brings Innovation to the Coaching Industry

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2021 / David March, a well-established career coach, recruiter, and author brings many unique skill sets to the human resources industry. David’s coaching style is built on a two-pronged approach that leverages his abilities both as a motivational thinker and a staffing professional. As a career coach, David specializes in helping people to move their lives forward through career advancement and career transitions. He does this by working with his clients to develop new job-search strategies. David walks his clients through the process of refashioning their resumes, Linkedin profiles, and cover letters to better target competitive job markets. To aid his clients in reaching their goals, David also uses personality assessments to discover latent strengths and weaknesses. This approach allows him to help his clients to flex their talents and address blindspots that may be hindering them from realizing their dreams.

Harnessing his knowledge as a staffing expert, David also helps companies to find outstanding candidates with the right skills and personality suitable to a given position. Recently, David has helped companies operating in the Video Game Industry, as well as the Property Management Industry, in their recruitment efforts. David uses psychological theory and pragmatic business expertise to tackle hiring challenges from many angles.

In the latest edition of his book “Vision in Action,” he talks about transformational coaching and leading people to their dream careers. He not only gives his clients the tools they need to be successful, but also helps them organize their steps to realize what they want. Unlike many recruiters, David assesses soft skills as well as hard skills to make sure that an individual’s personality is in sync with their career path.

Above all, David’s main goal is to see his clients succeed in life. Many of his clients describe him as a personable individual who possesses strong emotional intelligence. David takes pride in helping individuals to change their lives for the better. For him, a positive change encompasses emotional fulfillment as well as career-success because both aspects are intermingled. Accordingly, David is, in his words, “all about being personal, because I don’t believe change happens until you get personal.”

Anyone who is an entrepreneur, engineer, CEO, innovator, director, manager, video game developer, or just an individual seeking guidance for their career path needs someone like David fighting in their corner. There are many coaches out there, but David’s proven creative methodology offers something distinct, practical, and transformative.

Name: Dave March
Phone: (201) 259-3707

SOURCE: Coach Dave March

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