Trueblue Designs the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics for Healthcare With Aidea Integrated With Microsoft Dynamics 365

VERONA, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Trueblue, after having announced the integration of its Artificial Intelligence Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, officially launches on the market:


Smart Customer Engagement

AiDEA is the new AI driven Omnichannel Customer Engagement suite. The foundation of the solution, represented by Artificial Intelligence , integrates and powers the operational and analytical functionalities based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, for a holistic and integrated experience, with the goal of revolutionizing the working model of Pharma & Life Science markets, simplifying omni-channel engagement through intuitive and conversational interaction.

Two fundamental components guide the change, whose union had not yet materialized in the reference market: the concrete integration of Big Data in the perspective of Multichannel Management and the use of Artificial Intelligence functionalities and algorithms. The latter is an element that can no longer be postponed from an IT point of view, as it is necessary to drive Customer Engagement processes to satisfy company objectives from both a strategic and an operational point of view.

These elements require a structural change in the approach of organizations and tools, as a generic Customer Relationship Management system is no longer sufficient. It is in fact necessary to adopt specific Smart Omnichannel Customer Engagement solutions, fully enabled in terms of Artificial Intelligence, to have, in a quick, simple and intuitive way, precise indications about one’s own customers.

As part of this transition in fact, Pharma companies such as Angelini Pharma, Alfasigma and others are taking this direction with strength and determination with the aim of innovating and achieving their business results faster.

“Artificial Intelligence represents a tremendous opportunity to increase our effectiveness and we want to provide this competitive advantage to our employees thanks to AiDEA” said Pierluigi Antonelli, CEO of Angelini Pharma “After a long and thorough analysis, we identified Trueblue and Microsoft as the best partners to advance our Customer Engagement capabilities by delivering an innovative digital CRM solution that transforms strategy into action.”

Trueblue, which has always been at the center of technological and digital innovation for the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to the integration with Microsoft introduces with AiDEA a new paradigm in which Artificial Intelligence is the backbone and key factor of the evolutionary process.

“Through this integration, Trueblue will help companies in the industry accelerate their growth and find new ways to drive Digital Innovation through a wide range of solutions that will enable them to simplify the use of AI in their daily activities,” said Marco Bonesini CEO of Trueblue

“In today’s reality of accelerated digital transformation processes, pharma & life science companies rely on proactive solutions such as AIDEA, integrated with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, to enable effective omnichannel strategies” said Elena Bonfiglioli, Managing Director, HealthCare and Life Sciences, EMEA Regional Lead.

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