Wallonie-Brussels International (WBI) Foreign Affairs Officer, Fabrice FORTI, Released a Video to Support Chinese Vaccine, Calling for Unity and Elimination of Prejudice

Paris, France–(Newsfile Corp. – March 26, 2021) – The continuous rebound of the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe damage to the lives of residents and the economy. Vaccines are regarded as the most critical means of epidemic prevention. Governments of various countries have made continuous efforts and many batches of vaccines have been put into production. Vaccination has become the primary task of governments to stabilize social order and restore the economy during the epidemic. Recently, Fabrice FORTI, the foreign affairs officer of Wallonie-Brussels International (WBI), Belgium, also expressed his views on the vaccine issue, affirming the global export of China’s vaccines and giving high praise to the results China has achieved in the fight against the epidemic.

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In the video, Fabrice FORTI mentioned China’s help. He said: “In 2020, we have experienced the baptism of the epidemic. In the past year, we have also seen China provided assistance with a large number of masks and medicines to many countries with severe epidemics, such as Italy. In 2021, we all hope that the pandemic will get better, everything can start again, and normal life can be returned as soon as possible.”

In addition, Fabrice FORTI also affirmed the vaccines from China. He said: “We should trust China’s ability to fight the epidemic, and trust the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines. Only in this way can we rebuild the past life we miss as soon as possible.” As the person in charge of international affairs, he has rich experience in handling international affairs. He expressed the hope that countries should gather strength and increase trust in the context of the pandemic.

In the video, Fabrice FORTI eagerly hopes that the pandemic will get better as soon as possible, and everything can start again and people could return to normal life. At present, many countries in the world have entered the vaccination stage, and leaders of many countries and regions have also taken the lead in vaccinating vaccines from China, which has proved the safety and effectiveness. Currently, Belgium and many EU countries are still in the stage of vaccine shortage. Fabrice FORTI also expressed his views on vaccines that in order to save more lives, countries should abandon prejudice and rumors, trying vaccines produced by different countries.

Wallonie-Brussels International (WBI) is the Belgian government agency responsible for Wallonie-Brussels international relations. It is the instrument of the international policy led by Wallonie, the Wallonie-Brussels Federation and the French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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